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Hult International Business School

HULT International Business School's Boston campus is located at 1 Education Street in Cambridge MA. The original campus of HULT is in Boston however there are now 7 campuses worldwide. Boston City Properties works with HULT students and faculty year round to find apartments and condos in the Cambridge & Boston area. Boston City Properties has 1000's of listings within a radius of HULT, including listings in literally every single luxury apartment building in Cambridge & Boston. Boston City Properties has listings for houses for rent, apartment complexes, lofts, and more. One great option nearby is the Regatta Cambridge condos & apartments, and we get new listings in every month. Apartments for rent in the HULT area typically start around $1300 for a studio apartment, $2000 for a 1 bedroom rental, $2500 for 2 bedrooms, and $3000 for 3 bedroom apartments. Condos for sale in the area typically start around $250,000. To view up to the minute rental & sale listings in the HULT area, fill in the information above to receive a list of apartments that meet your criteria, or click the "Sales" and "Rental" buttons below. Call 617-247-1933 to speak to a real estate agent about apartment around HULT and all around the Cambridge & Boston area.

Off-Campus Apartments Near Hult International Business School

Looking for off-campus apartments near Hult International Business School? Boston City Properties has you covered! Moving to Cambridge is exciting, to be sure, but sorting through the literally hundreds of listings is a little overwhelming. With help from our convenient online portal and friendly staff, you will zero in on the perfect loft, condo, studio or apartment near this prestigious school in no time. Because it's located in Cambridge, which is home to numerous institutes of higher learning like Harvard and M.I.T., off-campus housing abounds. Whatever your budgetary or lifestyle needs may be, you can be sure that you'll find the perfect living situation when you avail yourself of our considerable resources.

About Hult International Business School

As its name implies, Hult operates campuses around the world. Its location in Cambridge, which is just across the Charles River from Boston, serves as its main campus. By attending school in Cambridge, you'll be rubbing shoulders with students from MIT, Harvard and a vast array of other highly regarded colleges and universities. The student population of Hult International Business School hovers right around 2,200, and the school offers a variety of programs, including MBA, Executive MBA, Bachelor's and Master's options. Regardless of which route you're taking in terms of your higher education, you're sure to be thrilled to find yourself in one of the most prominent educational communities on the planet.

Hult Off-Campus Housing in Cambridge

The majority of students who attend Hult opt for off-campus housing. That's largely because there's such a wide array of options, and there aren't many options for on-campus living. This bicycle-friendly community is known as the City of Squares because it's dotted with a number of public squares. Many of them have their own "themes." For instance, Kendall Square is known as Technology Square since so many biotech companies are headquartered on or near it. Hult off-campus apartments, lofts and other housing options are located throughout the neighborhood. Many are within easy walking distance of Central Square, which is best known for its amazing array of ethnic restaurants. Others are situated closer to Harvard Square, which boasts an eclectic assortment of shops, boutiques and stores.

Off-Campus Apartments for Hult Students: Amenities and Features

At Boston City Properties, we know how tricky it can be to find the perfect off-campus housing near Hult International Business School. Many things need to be taken into consideration. For instance, there are tons of neighborhoods within the city of Cambridge itself. From Strawberry Hill to Cambridgeport, Hult students live throughout the area. Which neighborhood is right for you? Our team can help you decide.

Generally speaking, a studio apartment near Hult will set you back around $1,500 per month or so. Everything from one-bedroom apartments to lavish luxury accommodations is available. There are upscale apartment communities with doormen at the entrances and simple loft apartments with only the most basic essentials. While location certainly matters, it's also crucial to find a place that has the amenities and features you need. Whether you need pet-friendly housing or prefer a stunning condo with its own patio or balcony, Boston City Properties can help you zero in on the perfect option.

From Riverside to North Cambridge, options for off-campus housing near Hult International Business School abound. Sorting through them all on your own is a recipe for disaster, so enlist the help of the experts at Boston City Properties. We'll take your lifestyle and budgetary needs into consideration to help you pinpoint the best available options. Before you know it, you'll be moved in and moving forward in your academic life. Contact us now to get started!

Off-Campus Apartments Near Lesley University

When it comes to higher education in the fine arts, few options in the Boston area are as compelling as Lesley University. Because it's located in Cambridge, however, the school is largely overshadowed by behemoths like M.I.T. and Harvard. That aside, if you're lucky enough to be enrolled in this prestigious school, you're probably looking for suitable off-campus housing in Cambridge. Boston City Properties can help you identify the best options based on your budgetary and lifestyle requirements. By enlisting our help, you'll be able to zero in on off-campus lofts, studios, apartments, condos and homes that suit your needs and budget, and you won't have to waste a lot of time and effort doing so.

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