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Boston Furnished & Short Term Apartments

Boston City Properties has furnished apartment listings in literally every single neighborhood in the Boston area for both short term and long term leases. The minimum lease we have for short term apartments is 3 months. Many of the listings we have in full service luxury buildings have 6 month leases. It is extremely rare that we have apartments for 1 month, as mostly everything is 3, 6, 9, 12 month leases.

The Boston area is a thriving community that is filled with people from all walks of life. Home to several large corporations and major universities, the Boston and Cambridge area always has a high demand for apartments. Whether it is short term lease apartments or luxury lofts, you can find it in Boston.

There are many different types of neighborhoods and apartment styles that are available in this area. Renters can find furnished apartments, techie apartments that are geared for the tech lifestyle, and unfurnished masterpieces throughout the area. You can find luxury lofts in converted warehouses, or beautiful apartments in old Victorian homes. The choices are limitless.

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Furnished Apartments

Short Term Leases or Transitional Housing

Boston offers many different options for people who need short term leases. Lease terms can be found in three, six, and nine month increments. These options are perfect for students and professionals who are only visiting the area for short period of time and do not want the hassles of living in a hotel or being locked into a long term lease.

Many of these short term lease apartment come completely furnished. This is perfect for people who are looking for transitional housing or will only be in the area for a short period of time. These apartments are designed for comfort and convenience.

Wonderful Boston Neighborhoods

One of the best things about renting short term apartments in the Boston area is the ability to experience the neighborhoods in which they are located. Boston is a very unique city because of each of its neighborhoods has its own specific personality and charm.

Some of these neighborhoods are located in Victorian neighborhoods filled with large beautiful homes, tree covered roads, and beautiful parks and gardens. Some neighborhoods are located in "innovation" or "tech" areas, making them ultra-modern and filled with every amenity that one could imagine. And of course, there are neighborhoods that fall in-between both of these categories.

All of Boston's neighborhoods are located near several forms of public transportation and are pedestrian and bicycle friendly. It is not uncommon to see people out on the streets gathering together to socialize or to just enjoy the weather. People love to walk in Boston neighborhoods because it gives them the opportunity to experience everything these neighborhoods have to offer.

Most neighborhoods have shopping districts and entertainment areas. Many have parks and recreation areas within the community to enjoy. All of them have something special to offer residents.

If you are interested in renting a short term lease in Boston or the surrounding area, make sure that you look into the different neighborhoods and everything that they have to offer. You will find that you can locate the perfect sized apartment with every amenity that you could desire within a neighborhood that offers everything you love.

Perhaps the most beneficial thing about any Boston apartment you chose is that the location will place you close to everything there is to experience in the Boston and Cambridge area. Different neighborhoods are just a short bus ride or train stop away from the neighborhood that you have selected for your home

Short Term Apartments By Neighborhood

The Ins and Outs of Short-Term Apartment Leases

Leasing an apartment on a short-term basis is a great solution for people who don't need or want a long-term contract. Students, professionals on assignment, vacationers and people relocating to a new place may find that a short-term apartment rental is less expensive and has more amenities than a hotel. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether a short-term lease is right for you.

Reasons to Lease Short-Term

There are many reasons people elect to lease on a short-term basis. Flexibility is a main advantage. You get the feeling of a home-like atmosphere without being locked into a long-term contract. If you are a student who resides in the city for a portion of the year, a professional under temporary assignment or a family who needs temporary quarters, a short-term lease gives peace of mind. People relocating from a different city can rent short-term to get a feel for the atmosphere of local neighborhoods and house-hunt without pressure.

If you need temporary housing, an apartment in a neighborhood offers more amenities than a hotel. Hotels are often located in busy, noisy areas, such as near airports, on major highways or in commercial hubs. Neighborhoods offer a more pleasant environment with parks, local shops, restaurants and permanent residents. If you decide you don't like the neighborhood, you are not locked into a long-term situation.

Renting is more economical than staying in a hotel. Vacationers who would like the convenience of a larger living space and cooking facilities often look for short-term accommodations. A week in a hotel can cost as much as several weeks in an apartment. In addition, apartments have full kitchens that allow you to cook. Although eating in restaurants is fun for a short time, it can become expensive and get boring after a while. Access to cooking facilities saves money and allows you to better control your diet.

Apartments often have extra facilities such as washers and dryers, storage lockers, large closets and fitness centers. Many include parking, a great perk in the Boston area. Some short-term arrangements include furnishings. In a furnished rental, you don't have to bring your own stove, refrigerator, beds, living room sets, dining furnishings or kitchen equipment. Some furnished rentals also include bath linens and bedding. You can move into a well-appointed rental with minimal up-front expense.

Many apartments are pet-friendly and welcome small children. These units often have playgrounds, attractive landscaping and dog-walking areas. Be sure to ask about whether pets and young children can be accommodated before signing a lease.

Apartments provide a level of security and privacy that a hotel cannot. In an apartment, you hold the keys and control access into and out of your space. You can keep your valuables and important documents with you. In contrast, a hotel room can be entered by hotel staff at any time. Valuables are often stored in a safe, making access to them more difficult when you need them.

Things to Be Aware of in Short-Term Agreements

Renters who plan to enter into a short-term lease should be sure of the restrictions and policies in the rental agreement. Find out what the cancellation policies are. There may be penalties for canceling the agreement or changing the dates of your occupancy. Ask about deposits. How much are deposits, and what are the refund policies?

Find out beforehand if there are office staff on-site and what their office hours are. If you arrive after regular business hours, will someone be available to meet you, hand over keys or show you to your unit? Be sure to get a point-of-contact so that you can inform if your arrival time changes or you need other assistance.

Short-term leases may cost more than long-term agreements for the same property. Because of higher turnover rates, property owners usually charge more for month-to-month rentals or leases for less than one year. If you renew after your term is up, a property owner can raise the rent or change the terms of the agreement.

Find out about utilities and internet connections. Some property owners include utilities as part of a short-term lease. Others require that you get the connections yourself. Agreements that include all utilities cost more per month. However, it may be worth the extra cost because you don't have to pay deposits or monthly charges.

If you rent on a month-to-month basis, your rental history may be questioned by new landlords. If you move frequently, changing addresses and undergoing additional credit checks can affect your credit rating.

Ask about rental insurance. Although the property owner is responsible for the building's structure, you are responsible for the contents. If you bring your belongings with you, rental insurance is an important investment. If you are in temporary quarters because you are selling or renovating your home, you probably have homeowner's insurance. However, this insurance may not cover you when you are in temporary housing. If you buy a rental insurance policy, be sure you understand what it covers. Some cover replacement costs, which is what it would cost to replace an item. There is no deductible or depreciation. Others cover the cash value for the items, which includes a deductible for depreciation.

Be sure to have the proper identification and financial documentation needed to complete the agreement. A photo ID may be required to verify your identity. This may be a driver's license, military ID, passport or state ID card. As part of the application process, you may need to show proof of ability to pay. Bank statements, credit card bills or paycheck stubs may be requested. Property owners may do a credit and background check to verify that you are creditworthy.

Short-Term Rentals with Boston City Properties

Those looking for short-term rentals on their own may find it difficult to locate a property that can be rented for less than 12 months in the Boston area. At Boston City Properties, we have listings for three-, six- and nine-month leases in almost all the neighborhoods in the greater Boston area. Our agents can help you evaluate your needs and locate a short-term rental in a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and budget. We know the attributes of each neighborhood and can work with you to make sure your rental is in the best location for your needs.

If you live out of town and are not able to view apartments yourself, we can help you find an attractive apartment without your having to be present. When you try to rent on your own from a distance, you have no way to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the property owner. Agents at Boston City Properties can verify the condition and size of the property. We look at features you request such as local schools, access to transportation and proximity to shopping and major roads.

We know what is available in each neighborhood and what the rental market is like in each area. Our data base includes exclusive listings and unadvertised specials. We have listings that include all types of properties, from stately brownstones to luxury condos to vibrant studios. We do the up-front leg work so that you don't have to waste your time viewing apartments that don't meet your specifications.

We can also help you navigate the application process. We will make sure that you have the required documentation and financial presentation for a successful application. Feel free to look through our neighborhood guide to get a feel for the attributes of each area of Boston and nearby communities and see the kinds of rental properties available.

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