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Fenway is one of the most well-known districts of Boston due to its many real estate highlights and landmarks. At the top of the list is Fenway Park, home of the famed Boston Red Sox MLB Team.

Fenway-Kenmore is recognized as an official Boston neighborhood, and it is composed of the following real estate districts:

Because these properties are all considered a part of the same real estate district, they are often referred to as "The Fenway" of Boston. The Fenway neighborhood is further divided into East Fenway/Symphony area and the West Fenway area.

Fenway Origins and Name

For those interested in moving to The Fenway area, you may be interested to note that it was named after the thoroughfare that runs through it. You could say in this way, "a road runs through it," and it was laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted. The land area was defined as 1.24 square miles of space.

Fenway Park and Kenmore Square are two of the highlights of the area, and the east Fenway-Kenmore area is segmented from the Charlesgate West, Massachusetts Turnpike, and two other well-known streets.

There are some impressive landmarks and other real estate assets that stand in the square in proximity to Fenway. At the South End, Huntington Avenue stands near the First Church of Christ, as well as the Scientist headquarters of Boston. This area is a major tourist attraction, and people come annually to this site to view the old structures. The Muddy River also flows through the Back Bay Fens area and into the Charles River.

Longwood Medical Area

Another strong architectural highlight is the Longwood Medical Area. It is located at the intersection of St. Alphonsus, St. Francis, and Tremont Streets. Mission Hill stands to the south part of town, which is formerly of the Roxbury area.

For fans of the Brookline area, you'll be pleased to know that the Brookline community is just a short distance from the Fenway area and is only one neighborhood away. The Massachusetts Turnpike separates the two communities, as well as the Charles River. Another historical landmark in the area is the Boston University Bridge which intersects with Allston and Brighton areas.

What kinds of homes are found in Fenway?

As is common in much of Boston, you'll find the traditional and classic Brownstone townhouses, as well as five-to-six-story apartment buildings and other structures that were constructed between 1880 and 1930. These older builders hold a special appeal for Bostonians who enjoy thinking about the past of the area that is rich in culture and American heritage.

Commercial Outlets

For the small business owner, The Fenway also offers new and exciting opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Startups are welcome in this area, and there are many new businesses in Kenmore Square and all along the areas of Brookline Avenue and Huntington Avenue.

The Fenway Park Baseball Stadium holds much appeal for visitors and locals alike, and many people love the idea of locating their business within walking distance of the Park. This is considered a smart business move since the traffic that brings in Fenway Park fans also brings in lots of retail business, as well, especially during the regular baseball season.

Educational Real Estate

For the intellectual or student crowd, there are plenty of opportunities for higher learning in the Fenway Boston area. Parts of Boston University, as well as the College of Music of Berklee and the Boston Conservatory of Music, are all located in the Fenway-Kenmore area. Many students reside in the neighborhood and plenty of opportunities to be close to these institutions of fine arts and higher learning.

Interesting Fact

Over the past 20 years, many residential buildings in the area have been purchased by Boston University to be turned into dorms so that students would be able to live within walking distance of the college.

Real Estate Influence

The influence of well-known architectural designer, Frederick Law Olmsted is seen and felt throughout many areas of Boston including The Fenway. The real estate market was once focused primarily on only higher-class homes and residences. But the educational institutions had more influence on the real estate market than expected and to this day it is highly academic-oriented.

At one time, the Park Board had to approve any and all changes that took place in the Fenway area to ensure that they reflected the wishes of residents and the community. The idea was to create a truly unique environment for all types of people in the Boston area who wished to locate close or near to the college areas.

Types of Housing in Fenway

So, what types of housing are available in Fenway Boston area? There are apartments, condos, townhouses, and houses, like many areas of Boston. But, as stated, you will see the influence of both historic architecture, collegiate life, and the sports culture, as well.

Apartments in Fenway

Below are some examples of apartments in Fenway. They all have their amenities and high points that draw people to their location. Whether you are looking for a tall apartment complex like Carson Tower or one of the smaller apartment buildings, you will find something that will appeal to you.

Carson Tower

Carson Tower is home to a popular beachfront community, and it is the only one in Boston. It's located on Carson Beach in Southern Boston. There you'll have easy access to the beach, shopping opportunities, and great views of the city. Because it is a high-rise apartment, it will make you feel like you are overlooking the city and the waterfront at the same time.

Carson Tower features some great upgraded apartments, as well as a gym and yoga room, an on-site laundry facility, and much more.

Fenway Apartments

This is a fantastic location that is close to everything you need to enjoy Boston and all it has to offer. It's located in a white, antique high-rise building that echoes the artistic influence of some of the Olmstead buildings. It features 1.8 bedrooms and one bath apartments in a great location. It rents for $2,600 per month and is close to the downtown area.

18 Westland Ave #34

For those on a budget, this zero bedroom, one bath studio apartment can be used as a living room and bedroom all in one. It's a smaller space, but the price is also more accommodating at only $1,925 per month.

56 Westland Avenue

Choose from a 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment at this location that is housed in a nice, neat-looking apartment complex in the heart of Fenway. Appliances are included with the rental and heating is included in the rent price. There are ten units for rent in this apartment building. Cost is only $2500 per month for the smaller units. You can choose more space for a higher monthly rental fee.

Condos in Fenway

If you'd rather have a condo, there are plenty of those to choose from also including the ones listed below.

Symphony Road Condominums

Would you like a modern-looking home but don't want to purchase an entire house? Try this condo at Symphony Road Condos. It is a smaller but beautiful studio apartment complete with beautiful stainless steel appliances and fixtures and host of other amenities. It features one bedroom, one bath units for only $2400 per month and it is located close to all of the locales of Boston that you need to go to.

96 Gainsborough St UNIT 103W

This condo available at 96 Gainsborough Street features all of the comforts of home at a reasonable price. It's a duplex, and it's quite large, too. It comes with a lot of extras you won't find in many areas like an eat-in kitchen, full dining area and large open living room complete with a fireplace for those cold northern nights!

There are high ceilings and tons of natural light to filter through the unit, saving you money on your heating and electric bill, as well. Located on a highly desirable street, you'll be in a great unit if you choose this location. Cost is $5,500 per month.

Houses for Sale

If you're ready to purchase a house instead of renting an apartment or condo, you're in luck Fenway offers some of the best housing choices in Boston, including both rental and home purchases. If you want to search on our site for a house, start by selecting either sales or rental so that you will only get the results you want.

Below are a few of the housing selections you'll find in the Fenway Boston area.

71 Winslow Road

This home is located in nearby Brookline, but it's listed as only two miles away from Fenway. Sitting on 1,000 square feet of space, it features three bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It has lots of beautiful wood accents, much of which has been recently remodeled or maintained.

The stunning construction is evident in this beautiful house that is nestled in a tranquil section of the Brookline and Fenway areas. It's also close to schools, parks, shopping, and restaurant areas, making it the perfect choice for those who want to be close to the amenities.

Have you always wanted a fireplace? You'll have it at this location! It has a double-sided gas fireplace as well as hardwood floors, a large dining and living room area, and much more than you (and your guests) will find inviting.

There's an open chef's kitchen, as well complete with granite counters, cabinets made of pure maple wood, and stainless steel appliances. The more significant than average bedrooms also feature a large closet space, as well as a washer and dryer, central air, private deck, and yard. Pets are welcome.

The Landmark Center

One of the central attractions in the Fenway Boston area is the Landmark Center. Formerly a Sears mail order warehouse, the Fenway real estate developers have decided to renovate this area to add the Hotel Commonwealth that is located at the site of the Rathskeller Bar, as well as the Trilogy Apartment Building on Brookline and Boylston. Developers also added a second high-rise apartment building in 2008. It contains 210 apartments and contains 85,000 square feet of office space as well.

Future Fenway Developments

For those who already live in the Fenway area, you'll be pleased to know that real estate developers have plans to continue developing the area shortly. Plans right now include a 24-story development complex near Boylston Street and Brookline that will include dining, retail, and other opportunities, as well as a luxury hotel and apartment complex.

Developers also plan to renovate the Howard Johnson motel to turn it into an upscale hotel building. The Mass Pike area along the Beacon Street Bridge will house a large 525 unit complex soon that promises to rival even some of the apartments that are already located in Fenway. One is a 17-floor tower building, and the other is a proposed 20-floor tower that will house several units.

Railway Renovations

In addition to the many improvements real estate developers in the Fenway area are doing now, they have recently renovated the Fenway Green Line stop to make traveling more comfortable and convenient for residents and commuters, as well as the Yawkey commuter rail station.

Also, the Museum of Fine Arts recently got a $425 million expansion, along with the Isabella S. Gardner Museum which recently saw the completion of a second building.

All of these renovations help improve the overall experience of residents in the Fenway Boston area as well as continue to provide Bostonians with a better experience regarding the places they visit and live in Boston.

Why Fenway?

Fenway is another suburb of Boston that is worth checking out. It features some of the best and nicest properties in Boston, and it is located to some of the most exciting landmarks such as Fenway Park and several retail spots and eateries.

When considering moving to the suburbs or Boston for the first time, Fenway offers a great suburban lifestyle at an affordable price. Search our site now to locate the properties you are interested in then find a real estate agent to start on your journey. There's plenty to choose from, and real estate is alive and well in 2018.

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