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There are many nice areas in the Boston suburbs that you will want to check out. One of these areas is the Dorchester suburb. It is one of the most popular areas of the Boston area and allows you to be close to the town without living too close to the busier area.


The Dorchester Boston area is composed of six square miles of New England living space. The area is heavily influenced by the past New Englanders who first set foot in the area in 1630. Many of the original residents hailed from Dorchester or Dorset, England. It is considered Boston's largest neighborhood and is often divided to create two equal areas to place housing on.

Dorchester is sometimes called "The Dorch," but it is named after the town of Dorset where some of the original Puritans came over on the ship, "Mary and John." The area is equivalent in size to its neighbor, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Like many subsections of the Greater Boston area, Dorchester has grown dramatically as a result of the advancement of the railroad and streetcars back in the 1920's. The city continues to see this growth today as evidenced by the hundreds of people who choose to locate in this affluent suburb.

Things to Do in Dorchester

So why do people come to Dorchester of Boston? What is the appeal besides being in a well-known or historic town? Below are some of the most popular things to do if you plan to visit or locate in Dorchester.

  1. The Hall at Patriot Place - This place is a great place for sports fans to go, especially if you are a fan of the New England Patriots. Any Superbowl fans will be happy to see the impressive large screen panoramic view of the football world that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. They have captured many of the most memorable moments of football's greatest memorabilia. There are also ways to interact with an individual high-tech kiosk that allows you to see your favorite players up close to learn more about them. It is undoubtedly a football lovers haven.
  2. Showcase SuperLux - This theatre is considered one of the unique movie theatres in the area. Many Dorchester residents enjoy going to this cinema to see a movie in style. There are hotel-like lobbies and fancy high-hanging chandeliers that inspire and delight visitors. The entrance is huge, and you can get popcorn and sodas just like in a normal theatre, but the classy air is worth the extra you might pay. The owners of the Showcase SuperLux have as their primary goal to give their customers a unique and comfortable experience as they watch their favorite films.
  3. Boston Duck Tours - The Boston Duck Tours facility is located in Dorchester so you can hop a duck here! People in Boston enjoy visiting the Duck Tours anytime they want a tour of some of the highlights of Boston. The Duck Tours take a route that will take you to the New England Aquarium, Museum of Science, and the Prudential Center, so it will be well worth the trip if you want to try this when in Dorchester.
  4. The Freedom Trail - Starting on Beacon Hill in the Dorchester area, you'll be able to follow the Black Heritage Trail. It intersects the Freedom Trail on Beacon Street where the slaves found their way to freedom long ago who escaped slavery, due in part to the Revolutionary War led by conservatives who wanted Black Americans to find freedom, principles that were based on the original Constitution of the United States.
  5. The Skywalk Observatory - The Skywalk Observatory in Dorchester is a unique experience that gives visitors a one-of-a-kind view of Boston. It features a multimedia slideshow that focuses on some of Boston's most prominent figures such as President John F. Kennedy and other historical icons. Also, it allows people to look over Boston from the 50th floor and see everything from a birdseye view from up above. This experience gives residents and tourists a look at the best highlights of Boston's rich history, as well as the present and future.

To Rent or Buy - That is the Question

When deciding whether you want to rent or purchase a home, you may want to try first to answer these questions.

Home, Sweet Dorchester

Whether you are interested in visiting or living in Dorchester, once you visit the Dorchester area of Boston's suburbia, you are likely to want to consider moving there. With its rich multicultural environment, plethora of food choices, and housing options, you will never lack in inspiration to do more and be more in Dorchester, Boston. You'll enjoy strolling down the avenues and quiet streets that are far removed from the Greater Boston area and being able to walk to the marketplace without having to use your car.

Professional Growth and Business Opportunities

One of the main reasons that people decide to move to an area or change their location is due to the career or business opportunities that are in the area. Dorchester holds many unique professional opportunities due to the vast array of new and old businesses that line the square and the surrounding area.

Also, small business owners find it to be a lucrative business opportunity to open a new shop or business in the area, as well and there are plenty of people who walk the city daily that will find your business to be something they will want to learn more about.

For the smart entrepreneur or business owner, Dorchester is a place that is rich in opportunity and one that will surely be an excellent choice when looking for a place to hang a shingle.

Community Events

You'll enjoy the various community events and activities too and you'll feel like a true part of the Dorchester community in no time at all. Bostonians agree that Dorchester is an artistic and cultural center of activity year-round and you will enjoy watching to see what will happen next in this interesting town and community.

Explore Your Potential

There are many things to like about Dorchester. The beautiful downtown streets lined with stores and shopping centers, the community spirit that is so evident in the eyes of the people, and the loyalty to the rich history that seems to permeate throughout the area. Dorchester is a town that is proud of its heritage while still progressive enough to look forward to the future.

But the best thing Dorchester residents like is the ability to be yourself, explore your environment, and take tours down the boardwalk to discover who you truly can be in life. Its rich artistic and creative atmosphere gives people in Dorchester a place to call home far removed from the noise of the nearby city.

Suburban life is much sweeter when you find a house that you can call home. And that starts with finding the perfect home to suit your needs and unique budget and lifestyle. There's a home for everyone when you have so many to choose from in the Dorchester area. You'll see that the selection is vast when you start searching for an apartment or house on our site.

Take a look at our online real estate listings by filling out the short form. It only takes a minute and you will get results quickly based on your search criteria. Then you can start searching for your place to call home.

More Reasons to Like Dorchester

Many people in Boston Proper decide to make a move to nearby Dorchester to enjoy the quieter lifestyle and old-fashioned shops as well as modern art exhibits that line the streets of the Dorchester area. Students and artists like the opportunity to rent a studio apartment and be inspired by the views that remind them of something in the past that is a part of Boston's rich heritage. Whatever the reason, people flock to this area to discover whatever they are searching for and have not been able to find anywhere else. Perhaps what it has to do more with the human spirit of individualism than anything that is material or tangible.

Boston properties are amazing and show themselves to be a smart investment time after time, whether you are in the market for a house yourself or as an investment move.

Either way, you can find a great real estate deal by searching for Boston properties. If you have never used our site to search for Boston properties, you can start now by filtering your search. You can filter the search using any of the following parameters:

All of these factors can be used as a filter when you are searching for a property in the Dorchester Boston area. Whether you are looking rent or buy, you'll find something that will interest you in this area.

Check out this tool that we offer absolutely free on our site and you'll see that finding a home or apartment of your dreams in the Dorchester (Boston) area is just a click or two away! We hope to see you in Dorchester soon. Feel free to use our site to do your real estate searches anytime you like. Your new home may only be a search away. Have fun in your search and remember to stop by anytime you need to locate any type of housing in the Boston or surrounding area. We make it easy to do with just a little information and a few clicks of a mouse.

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