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Have you ever had a longing to go to China but don't think you'll ever have the chance? There is an easier alternative that you can visit right here in the United States. The city of Boston has its own Chinatown that many people find charming and return to year after year.

Learn why some people decide to make this area their home who live in the Boston area and do your search for real estate properties in this exciting area.


The suburb of Chinatown in Boston's affluent real estate market is rich with tradition and culture that echoes the beauty of many parts of China. Boston's Chinatown is one of the three largest Chinatown communities in the U.S. They are third only behind New York and San Francisco regarding size and popularity.

Location of Chinatown Boston

Chinatown in Boston is located in a convenient location, at the edge of the Boston shopping and downtown financial district. This location allows you to access the heart of the town from downtown Boston or several other access points.

Chinatown has several souvenirs that you can also take home to loved ones or send as Christmas or birthday gifts. These souvenirs are handmade or unique items that capture the uniqueness of the Chinese culture and allow others to learn about their unique culture and way of life.

Entering Chinatown

Entering the Chinatown area is easy if you are in the Boston area. If you enter from Boston Proper, you'll enter through Boston's Chinatown opening gate upon entering the area. The area is rich in culture and traditions of the Asia culture with two large lion statues that stand in guard on either side of the entrance gate. You'll get the full experience of being in China when visiting the Chinatown area.

Holiday Celebrations

One of the reasons people enjoy visiting and residing in Chinatown is the opportunity to celebrate holidays in this festive area. The area is reminiscent of the Chinese spirit to celebrate any chance they get with family and friends. People come from miles around to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Chinatown during the Chinese New Year, as well as many holidays celebrated by other cultures such as Japan, Mexico, or Spain, as well.

You will find Chinatown to have a predominantly Chinese influence while also honoring other holidays that other cultures like to celebrate when coming through the area. There are sometimes parades and special events in the area as well as music, dance, and art that celebrates the various occasions that community members like to take part in. Make sure and stop by the area whenever you are in the Boston area to take in the events and special festivities that accompany the Chinese and other holidays.

Types of Homes in Chinatown of Boston

There are a variety of housing styles in Boston's Chinatown, but most of them are in the higher price range. There are townhouses, single unit homes, condominiums for sale, and many other types of houses available in this area. You can find apartments as well, and all of these are created to allow you to enjoy a nice lifestyle filled with interesting views and amenities.

This is a popular area for people who are seeking an Asian culture influence and all of the amenities of the Boston city at the same time.

The Bay Village Boston area is located within the Chinatown area and allows residents to shop and dine in style without having to drive a long distance into the metropolis of Boston. The great thing about these individual communities is the fact that they all have their restaurants, shopping centers, groceries, and specialty shops.

Taking Advantage of Foreclosure Homes

There are other opportunities in Chinatown of Boston, as well. If you don't want to pay the normal price for a nice home, you can always look into any of the foreclosure homes in the Boston area. These homes are priced far below market value and offer a great opportunity for home buyers and real estate investors alike.

Foreclosed homes are homes where the owner ran into financial difficulties and could no longer make the payments. A bank or lending institution then took over the house and put it back on the market in a "short sale" or auction. You can find out about these short sales and auctions by starting with a search for properties. This information will often tell you whether a home is available for purchase that is a result of a home foreclosure. Then you can follow the news to learn more about the financing opportunities and values you can get from the owner or banker who owns the property.

Life in Chinatown of Boston

Life in Chinatown of Boston is a unique and culturally-rich experience. Many immigrants who want to become a permanent citizen of the United States start in Chinatown in Boston to get to know the area before filing their paperwork. As a result, the culture has other cultural influences as well as the Chinese influence.

Chinese and Asian Cuisine

If you love Chinese or other types of Asian food, you're going to love Chinatown of Boston. The Chinese cuisine reflects this unique potpourri of cultures and other influences that are all a part of this interesting area. You'll find the traditional Chinese cuisine as well as European food choices and Fujianese (a Japanese food type) that is readily available there. There is also a Vietnamese influence that you'll find interesting among many of the food offerings. This makes the food choices more diverse than any other area of Boston and features locally produced seafood from fish farms in the immediate area.

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Chinatown has plenty of transportation options, too. So you'll never have to worry about being able to get ample competition to get to where you need to be quickly and inexpensively. First, the MBTA Orange bus line stops at the local Chinatown station as well as one stop at the Tufts Medical Center, which are located at the southern edge of the area. South Station is located east of Chinatown and serves people on the MBTA's Red Line, Commuter Rail, and Silver Line. There are other lines available at various locations, and you can also access the Amtrak station if that is your preferred method of travel.

If you are traveling in the Chinatown Boston area, you'll likely access it from the exit ramps of Interstate 93 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

How to Find the Best Location to Live in Chinatown

When you considering moving to the Chinatown area, you will want to think about what is most important to you regarding location first. Do you have young children and want to locate close to the schools or college campuses? If so, you will probably want to find real estate that is located in these areas. One example of some of the real estate that is close to public schools is:

The Josiah Quincy Elementary School

The Josiah Quincy Elementary School is located in Chinatown on Washington Street in Boston. It specializes in providing a challenging educational program that seeks to foster the highest level of learning and instill honorable virtues for a lifelong learning experience. It is available to anyone living in Chinatown or the surrounding area and is available for kids from Kindergarten to the upper elementary grades. It is located in the center of Chinatown for the convenience of the residents in the area and is considered part of the heart of the town.

The Josiah Quincy School system also has an upper school which serves students in the upper grades. The sixth and seventh grades are located on Washington Street, while grades 8-12 are located on Arlington Street in Chinatown, Boston.

Real Estate Opportunities

One of the properties available at this writing is a large Chinatown apartment in the AVA Theater District. It is a 2-bedroom, attractive studio apartment with washer and dryer included, central heat and air, and a nice parking area. You can find this listing by searching for apartments in Chinatown in the AVA Theater District or by starting a search for apartments on our site.

Washington Street is located in the heart of Chinatown and offers many different apartments, many which are located in high rise buildings. These apartments offer lots of space for the price, and many have 560 feet or more of space. Some are three bedroom units, and these have over 1,500 sq. feet of space.

Access to Amenities

One perk to the apartment options in the Chinatown area is the fact that you'll have access to the swimming pool, fitness center, game room or recreational area, and more. Many of these units are designed very elaborately and include a wide variety of amenities and extras that allow you to enjoy some things you might have to purchase yourself if you bought your own home.

Renting vs. Buying

If you are an artist, young student, or someone who is only living in Boston while you are working at your first job or attending school, renting may be the perfect option for you. The beautiful apartments that are available in Chinatown and many other areas are inducive to creating a nice and comfortable lifestyle in the city of Boston while enjoying the comfort and convenience of the free amenities.

If you are ready to purchase a home in Boston, you can do that instead. For the professional or young family who wants to expand and put down roots in a beautiful, affluent area, Chinatown has plenty of beautiful full-sized homes to choose from.

Purchasing a home is a big step, but there are plenty of helpful resources and real estate people who can help you make your dream a reality.

Finding Your Dream Home

To start your search for your dream home in the Chinatown (or other) areas of Boston suburbia, visit our site anytime and start a search for either apartments or houses. You can filter your requests based on the price you want to pay, as well as the type of home or search by "condo, apartment, or house," for example.

Starting a search for Boston properties is the first step to finding the potential features that you want to look into. Then you can narrow your search as you investigate these and compare them to others.

Finding the right home may not happen fast. But it is worth the time that you put into it to find the perfect home for you.

Chinatown is a beautiful, artistic, and diverse community that offers many opportunities for personal growth, professional opportunities, and business opportunities for the home seeker, student, or real estate investor.

Check out the many properties now available through the real estate agencies, bankers, and individuals who want to help you get in the home of your choice. If you do move to Chinatown, you'll find that it is a unique place that is hard to capture anywhere else in the United States. For the person who appreciates the beauty and elegance of this unique culture, it just may be the best choice you'll ever make.

Good luck on your search and we hope you find exactly what you want and enjoy your new home.

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