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If you are yearning for a waterfront area to hang your hat, you may want to search in the Charlestown area in Boston. This historic town is on the Boston Harbor waterfront and features some of the best of all that suburbia Boston has to offer.

It's also one of the most historic towns in America and holds many history lessons that you will learn just by being there. Read about the highlights of the Charlestown area below and then start a search on our site for your next dream home.


Charlestown area in Boston, Massachusetts is a historic waterfront town. Located close to The Bunker Hill Monument, the site of a major Revolutionary War battle, it is within proximity to the U.S.S. Constitution warship and the Charlestown Navy Yard, as well. You'll find rich American and Irish history here so that history buffs will enjoy their time in this historic area.

Brick townhouses line the streets that are known to locals as The Freedom Trail, and there are plenty of triple-decker homes in the style of the historic homesteads. There are many historical sites to visit in the Charlestown area including the U.S.S. Constitution Museum and Warship, Bunker Hill Monument, and the many other notable historic landmarks in the neighborhood.

Tourist Attractions

The town's rich history attracts visitors to the site every year and continues to amaze and impress people who are looking for a unique town in which to live and work. It's romantic history and background that is tied to both modern and historic times attracts thousands of people each year to settle there or to visit.

The Big Dig

If you visit the Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge, you'll be able to view Boston's "Big Dig," a project also known as the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, a mega project in Boston that rerouted Interstate 93 through the middle of town and into the Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel.

This area now serves as a tourist attraction for both its extensive engineering requirements and the enormity of the structure which seems to fascinate people to want to learn more about the vast project.

The Oldest Neighborhood in Boston

Another reason Charlestown is famous to both residents and tourists is the fact that it is the oldest neighborhood in Boston. It was the first real estate developed area when Boston first started separating their land into territories and neighborhoods. Some refer to the North End as the oldest area of Boston, but Charlestown is on record as the oldest in most city records.

Bostonians who live in the Charlestown area like to brag about the fact that they live in the oldest subdivision of Boston. Charlestown certain does hold a lot of history that people are interested in and this is one factor that brings them back to the area time and time again.

Plenty to Do Year-Round

Another great aspect of the Charlestown area is that there is plenty to do, no matter what time of year you are in the area. This makes it an attractive option not only for tourists but year-long residents.

In addition to the many historical attractions and landmarks that grace the area, you can always go to the nearby restaurants, pubs, and shopping centers in the area. Many are within walking distance of the Charlestown area, while others are a short drive away. This area is also located close to some of the best schools around that have been rated some of the best schools according to the Greater Schools rating score.

Charlestown Monuments

We told you about some of the monuments in the Charlestown area earlier. Many are on land, while others are located "on the ocean" or in a nearby waterfront. An example of this is the U.S.S. Constitution Museum. The museum itself is accessible from the street and is on land. But you can also jump aboard the U.S.S. Constitution for a real history lesson while you're there. These kinds of opportunities are rare and offer kids a way to relive history up close and personal.

Photography Opportunities

The beauty and ancient charm of the Charlestown Monuments and other attractions beg the question, "Where is my camera?" For either professional or amateur photographers, the Charlestown Boston neighborhood offers a rich opportunity to catch some unique photographs that can then be edited to presented in a way that might make their photography portfolio more desirable by major photography publishers.

With so many online publications and sites now offering pay for photos, it is possible for an aspiring photographer or artist to become inspired from the many cultural and historical landmarks and scenes that grace the streets and land sites of this charming area.

Great Apartment Views

Another reason that people love to live in Charlestown Boston neighborhoods is the opportunity to have a great apartment view. Some apartments are located on higher floors, and you can have a view of the street below that features some of Boston's most well-known sites and landmarks. If you get a roof deck apartment, it's possible to look down and see the Boston Waterfront, some of the historical landmarks, and harbor views of the Boston Navy Yard, to name a few.

Studio apartments are available through several real estate agencies in the Boston area. When you search for apartments in the Charlestown area, start by looking for apartments rather than houses, if that is your preference. Studio apartments are less expensive than larger units, and you may be able to locate close to several amenities that you wouldn't have access to in other neighborhoods.

You can use our website to start your search for apartments and qualify the search to include the price range you prefer as well as the general location of the amenities that you like best. Remember those studio apartments usually only include 1-2 bedroom units and are meant to save space in return for lower rent. They have the necessities that you'll need to access, but often everything in your apartment is located in one central area of the space. For example, the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms may all be in one general area.

For the student, artist, or writer, this may be the perfect arrangement for a budding musician or artist, especially if they consider their stay in Boston to be a temporary one.

Home Purchases in Charlestown Boston

If you have spent some time in Charlestown and you've decided to make it your home, you may want to look into home purchases options. Homes in Boston range from hundred thousand to millions, depending on your budget. The price of living in such a nice area is never low so if you are ready to purchase your first home in Boston, Charlestown is one of the most coveted suburbs in Boston, and the price often correlates with that value.

Many of the homes feature some of the reflections of the same rich history that is found in the town itself such as Victorian landscapes, cultural amenities, and vibrant designs. Start your search for a home in Charlestown on our site by specifying "purchase" for your choice of finding a house when you do your search.

Condo or House?

One of the debates that home searchers often have when looking for a home in Charlestown is whether to rent a condo or purchase a home. But one thing you may want to know is the fact that you also have the option of purchasing a condo.

Many people do not know this when they are looking for a house in Charlestown (or anywhere else in Boston). But you do usually have the option to purchase a condo.

Why purchase a condo?

The reason you might want to purchase a condo is so that you can offer it as a rental to others once you have bought it. The investment you make on a condo in Charlestown would be in purchasing the unit (or units). Then you would pay for this in monthly or quarterly installments, according to the terms you have worked out with the owners. Once you'd worked this out and are paying for the conditions, you can usually sublet or rent out these units to others for a price that you decide upon ahead of time. Advertise your condo units according to what the market value is at the time and the condition of the group.

As long as you keep someone in the unit at all times, you have a "cash cow" that can make you money year-round. There may be times when no one is renting it, but you just need to find someone to replace them if they move out. Remember that many times people rent a condo during the summer or winter months as a retreat from their normal lifestyle or home. If you make it appealing and attractive, you should be able to keep a passive income going year-round in most cases.

If you do decide to purchase a home, you will need to make a fairly large down payment and secure a bank loan for the rest. Million dollar homes require a lot of collateral so be sure to do your homework before deciding on a particular house and make sure you'll be able to make the payments and abide by the terms.

Investment Properties

Finally, if you are a real estate investor and are purchasing a house to rent out or resell to others, you will want to find houses that have had foreclosures or homes that are off-market and do not carry the normal retail price. This is so that you can sell it for more than you purchase the home for and turn a profit. This is known in some circles as "flipping houses."

Whatever your reason for purchasing a home in Boston, whether you want to buy or rent, live in an apartment or rent a condo, you'll be enriched by the cultural, educational, and historical assets of this charming and historic town.

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