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Castle Square

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484 Tremont St.


South End

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Castle Square is ideally located on eleven acres in the South End of Boston. High rise and Townhouse style buildings offer one through four bedroom apartment homes, all with spacious layouts, energy-saving features, and air conditioning. Enjoy the mature trees which provide much shade and tranquil gardens along with the beautifully landscaped gardens which provide fragrant flowering trees and colorful plants. Community amenities include a fitness center, community room, playground, media center, and access to public transportation and all that Boston has to offer. This is a pet friendly community. Cats are welcome.

What You Need to Know about Castle Square in South End, Boston

The Castle Square Apartments is yet another multifamily development in Boston, particularly in the South End neighborhood. The total size of this project is 568,000 square feet and is located at 476 Tremont Street. The building has been around since the 1960s and was redeveloped in 2012 to meet some green living standards.

As you can see from the project size, it is a significant property, and it occupies one whole city block. What makes this building special is the fact that it is one of the most affordable residential spaces in the entire city of Boston. It is comprised of a total of 500 apartments that were chiefly devoted to low and moderate-income families.

Aside from being one of the less expensive choices for people looking for a place to call home, the apartments broke records when it started its property-wide redevelopment. To be specific, the mid-rise of the building, which has more than 190 units, was the most extensive Deep Energy Retrofit in the whole country. It was able to break the records when it achieved over 70% of the reduction in energy use.

Also, apart from providing residential units for those who need an affordable space for their growing families, the property has also created approximately 200 jobs for the locals in the area.

The authorities believed that the deep energy retrofits could help the efficiency of green buildings. It is because the majority of them are just a slight improvement from the standard buildings in the US, typically from 20 to 30%. Carbon and energy reductions still have a long way to go, requiring more studies but the deep energy retrofits have become a great solution. They raised the bar for saving energy since this particular development in South End can save as much as 72% from energy consumption.

During the process, the standard energy efficiency revamp for the building had one key: insulation. The square has its insulation located outside the building, which not only increased the efficiency but also transformed the property into a more updated looking building.

Aside from the deep energy retrofit, the redevelopment for the square was a LEED project. In fact, many green enhancements were performed at that time in the apartments. They included more energy measures, as well as newly upgraded bathrooms and kitchens. They also added green flooring and the workers used low VOC paint. There is also improved ventilation now and the construction materials utilized during that time were from the recycled item. The landscaping was also enhanced in such a way that it has become more ecologically sensitive than before.

The project included a new streetscape as well, which we can now see as a lively street façade with retail promenade right at the street where the building exists. Additionally, the tenants, including the C. Square Tenants Organization now have a green community center. The organization holds different activities, including leadership training and youth education. The community center also includes a technology learning place, alongside a computer repair clinic and more senior and teen centers.

As mentioned, the square has 500 units that are affordable housing options for the eligible renters. These units are located within 25 buildings that are scattered in an 11.5-acre space. The project received more than $4 million grant so that it could carry out the improvements that focused on reducing the costs of energy for the complex.

Additionally, the development was also a recipient of almost $7 million in loans with low interest from HUD so that it could perform the comprehensive retrofit energy. The building, which was completed in 2012, has a construction value of $50.5 million.

Since the “castle” is a HUD housing project, the residents just have to pay 30% of their total income for the rent of their unit. The rent price also involves a utility allowance, as well as deductions from HUD that include child care expenses and possible medical bills.

The residents also have a choice of paying what is called a flat fee. An organization will work with the potential renter to make sure they are making the right decision for the rental amount that works best for them. Because the square is a low-income housing unit for families, it is subsidized by the Housing and Urban Development Division of the federal government.

The current vacancies often have long waiting lists, so it is not easy to get a spot. Additionally, it is also difficult to find an opening since the apartments are usually full or occupied almost all year round.

Just like the other apartments in the neighborhood and the rest of Boston, this housing project has a variety of units that range from one to four bedroom apartments.

The development offers townhouse-style apartments and high rise buildings that all come with spacious units. These units have massive layouts and features that allow the renters to save more on energy, including air conditioning.

The apartment community has its own garden that has been landscaped to provide tranquility and added benefits to the residents. There are big trees that present shades to people whenever they go out. Even those who are within the confines of the building will see how beneficial these trees are for their living spaces. Additionally, the landscaped grounds make the surroundings beautiful and even fragrant, thanks to the flowering trees in the area. There are also colorful plants as well that help improve the appeal of the surroundings.

Apart from the mentioned amenities, the building also offers a fitness center. Although the property has been around for several decades, it has been transformed and redeveloped. Even the fitness center now comes with state-of-the-art equipment. There is also a community room, a media center, and a playground. There is also nothing to worry about when it comes to public transportation. Whatever it is that you would like to gain access from, you will reach it right on the doorstep.

The property is conveniently located near many establishments, including restaurants, shopping malls, and nightlife.

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