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If you're looking for luxury apartments in Boston or the surrounding area, trust the experts at Boston City Properties. With our massive, constantly updated database of searchable luxury apartment listings and help from our talented team, you'll quickly zero in on options that suit your budget, needs and lifestyle.

Competition for the best Boston luxury apartments is fierce. Although new developments are opening seemingly every week, vacancies tend to be snapped up quickly. Like anyone who's searching for a top-notch apartment home in the city or outlying area, you surely have specific requirements in mind. By availing yourself of our convenient, free search feature and other services, you can get precisely what you want without wasting huge amounts of time or effort.

Find Luxury Apartments in All Boston Neighborhoods and Suburbs

Luxury apartment homes are readily available throughout the greater Boston area. Boston City Properties knows each neighborhood and suburb like the back of our hands, and we are familiar with the best options in each one. Our searchable database lets you specify neighborhoods, towns and cities that are in your desired area, which makes it much easier to find apartments that meet your criteria. From Allston to the Theatre District, pinpointing the best apartment developments in any part of Boston is as simple as can be.

Boston Luxury Apartments

Get the Help You Need

When you enlist the help of Boston City Properties during your search for luxury apartments in greater Boston, you tap into one of the most extensive real estate databases for the region on the Internet. User friendly and intuitive, it allows you to filter your results based on things like square footage, price range and whether or not pets are allowed. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you'll be able to see which developments have vacancies that suit your requirements.

If you need more information about any luxury apartments in Boston, just give us a call. We have agents in every neighborhood who can assist you further in your search.

Search By Neighborhood

With one of the most active luxury apartment rental markets in the nation, Boston poses many challenges for those who want to call one of these upscale units home. Over the last handful of years, construction of new luxury apartment units has exploded across the city. While it has been most prominent in areas like downtown and the Seaport, it has been happening to some degree in nearly all neighborhoods. Despite what you’d assume to be a glut of new luxury units, however, securing an apartment of this caliber can be a tall order. That’s why it pays to connect with Boston City Properties.

Most people know us as experts regarding Boston real estate for sale. However, the very same resources that make such a difference when buying property are also available when renting. Indeed, our vast online database of searchable listings includes up-to-the-second availability for every luxury development in the city—and even in outlying areas. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you can zero in on luxury apartments in your desired neighborhood that closely meet your criteria. The best part of all is that we will give you access for free; just sign up to search using the simple form.

Once you have access to our searchable listings, finding suitable luxury apartments in neighborhoods ranging from Back Bay to Southie will be a true breeze. In no time, you will have a short list of promising options to consider. When you are ready to go and take a look, contact Boston City Properties. We will give you a referral to an experienced real estate expert in that neighborhood who can assist you from there. From lining up tours of properties on your list to helping you through lease signing, your agent is sure to make a huge difference.

About the Boston Luxury Apartment Market

If you haven’t been paying attention to news regarding Boston’s luxury apartment market in recent years, you are in for some pretty big surprises. Not that long ago, the city had what most would consider to be a fairly minimal inventory of such properties. With the recovery of the housing market and the economy, however, demand for luxury apartments soared. New luxury developments across the city went to war trying to one-up each other with more and more lavish amenities and services. These days, renters expect a whole lot from their luxury apartments—and rightly so.

Even if rent prices drop in Boston this year, however, don’t expect to find any truly rock-bottom deals any time soon. Most recently, the average monthly rent in the city for a one-bedroom apartment was around $2,250. The average rent for a two-bedroom unit, meanwhile, was around $2,700 per month. Thanks to Boston City Properties’ convenient search tool, you can input your preferences for things like price and location to more quickly zero in on units that suit your needs. With our help, you will be signing a lease on a new luxury apartment before you know it.

Search Specific Boston Neighborhoods for Luxury Apartment Rentals

When you sign up for free access to our continually updated real estate listings, you gain access to an array of powerful tools. Our search tool, in particular, makes it a snap to pinpoint suitable options. One of the best things about it is that you can select specific neighborhoods in the city of Boston on which to focus your search. From there, you can adjust filters for things like average price per month, total square footage and total number of bedrooms and bathrooms to get even more relevant results.

To give you an idea about how the luxury apartment market varies from area to area, here’s a snapshot of what to expect in some of the top areas in the city:

Top Features to Look for in Boston Luxury Apartment Units

When it comes to finding luxury apartments that truly offer the best, you have it good in Boston. As mentioned before, competition among luxury apartment developments has prompted a huge surge in the kinds of extras that are included. While people often focus a lot on the amenities and services that are offered by the development itself, it is just as important to look closely at the kinds of features that are included in the units for rent. Familiarize yourself with the most common and in-demand features to ensure that you get what you want and need:

Top Services and Amenities to Look for in Boston Luxury Developments

When searching Boston City Properties’ listings for luxury apartments, your first stop will be closely investigating specific units in buildings around the city. It’s generally best to seek out specific units that suit your needs first and to then narrow things down more based on the property in general. As you will quickly learn, most luxury apartment developments and buildings offer many of the same upscale services and amenities. By familiarizing yourself with the most ubiquitous ones, you can ensure that you get exactly what you need—and for a fair price:

Top Benefits of Renting Luxury Apartments in Boston

Given how much pricier they are, it stands to reason that you may be a bit on the fence about splurging and renting a luxury apartment in Boston. After all, could it possibly be worth spending that much more each month just to put a roof over your head? As you can see above, of course, these kinds of units offer far more than the basics. Some of the benefits are quite tangible, and others aren’t quite as much. Here are some of the top advantages of renting luxury apartments in Boston:

How Boston City Properties Can Help

At this point, you should have a pretty clear idea about what to expect among luxury apartments in the city of Boston. Whether you are looking for luxury apartment rentals in the Seaport, Downtown, Back Bay, Cambridge or elsewhere in or around the city, your first stop should be signing up with Boston City Properties. Just complete the easy form, and you will be all set. Click right over to the search tool to begin. In no time, you will be on your way to finding the perfect luxury apartment in the neighborhood of your choice.

Our search tool makes it a snap to zero in on luxury apartments that suit your needs and budget. First, you can select the specific Boston neighborhood where you are looking to limit your search there. Note that if you would like, you can select multiple neighborhoods. If you want to look in both Chelsea and Charlestown, for example, just select each one. When you perform you search, your results will be limited to properties that are located in your defined geographical search area. Right away, you will be on the right track.

Next, use search filters to refine your results further. After all, you’re not interested in every luxury unit in a certain neighborhood; you are interested in one that meets specific criteria. In this case, you can adjust filters for price range, total square footage and total number of bedrooms and bathrooms to narrow things down quickly and easily. When you click the search button, you will only see apartments that are available for rent in your desired areas—and they will roughly fall within your required parameters. Rather than have a huge unwieldy list to contend with, you’ll have a short, more manageable one.

As you read listings, you will gain valuable insights into what is included with various properties. Listings include in-depth descriptions of the units themselves, of course, including total square footage and number of beds and baths. Sometimes, they include floor plans, so you can get a better feel for the layout. Many listings even include virtual tours, so you can walk through apartments virtually from the comfort of home. With all of this info at your fingertips, you will be able to zero in on suitable options in no time flat.

Finally, after poring over listings and photos of luxury apartments on your list, you should be ready to go and take a look in person. When you are, call Boston City Properties. We will refer you to an experienced real estate expert in your desired neighborhood who knows its luxury rental market well. This agent will be familiar with the top luxury apartment buildings, and they can arrange tours of properties on your list. Later, they can guide you through the leasing process and ensure that everything goes smoothly. For more information regarding Boston luxury apartment rentals, call Boston City Properties today.

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