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Beacon Hill Apartments

An elegant 19th-century neighborhood, Beacon Hill boasts all of the charm of a close-knit community amidst the hustle and bustle of Downtown Boston. This popular enclave is home to more than 10,000 people and is reputed as a walker's paradise. Bounded by Beacon Street, Cambridge Street, Bowdoin Street and Storrow Drive, the area is known for its gorgeous front doors. Brick sidewalks, decorative ironwork, flowering pear trees and ever-burning gas lamps beckon to both visitors and residents. Moving to an apartment in Beacon Hill is a wonderful way to take in everything the city of Boston has to offer while enjoying the best in community-centered, upscale living.

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Moving to Beacon Hill means enjoying a veritable walker's paradise. No matter where you decide to call home in the neighborhood, you'll be able to make the walk to the Boston Common and Mass General Hospital with ease. In fact, the whole of Downtown Boston is just steps away whether you live on the North Slope, South Slope or Flat of the Hill. As a resident of Beacon Hill, you'll be able to take in stunning views of the Common from the Massachusetts State House. No other neighborhood in Boston offers quite the same combination of elegance, history and convenience.

The architectural integrity of Beacon Hill is strictly guarded with city regulations ensuring that historic buildings in the area remain unblemished by unnecessary modern updates. Keep in mind that many residences in the area do boast updated interiors. These improvements have been made with safety and convenience in mind, all without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood. Beacon Hill residents take pride in how their neighborhood looks and work together to maintain the beauty of the area. Victorian, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival homes are prominent.

Many types of apartments are available for rent in Beacon Hill. Among the most popular are historic brownhouses and rowhouses. These buildings, constructed primarily in the 19th century, are evocative of pre-Civil War architecture. Situated close to one another, the buildings create a binding sense of community while still allowing for the utmost in personal privacy. The brick exteriors of these historic residences have stood the test of time remarkably, and they are just as stunning today as they were when they were originally built.

Of course, more modern, tower-style apartment buildings are also present in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. While the outer facades of these buildings might not reflect the exact same architectural styles as surrounding residences, they are still designed with luxury and elegance in mind. These apartment and condominium buildings stand as a testament to the neighborhood's willingness to adapt to the modern spirit of Boston while retaining strong ties to its history. These buildings are especially favored by young professionals, students and small families who want to evaluate their long-term rental or buying options in the surrounding area.

As one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in Boston, the standard apartment rent in Beacon Hill reflects the luxury that residents can expect to enjoy while living in the area. Rent for small apartments tends to range between $1,800 and $2,500 per month and leases for larger spaces can range anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000 per month. As a rule, spacious historic residences and those residences with striking views of Downtown Boston and the Statehouse tend to command higher rents than newer buildings and those residences located furthest from the neighborhood's well-worn streets.

Naturally, the value of living in Beacon Hill far exceeds the prices of rent in the area. Professionals and families who must commute into Downtown Boston on a regular basis enjoy the convenience of walking to their destinations or taking public transit. Stops on the "T" line and the MBTA red line provide convenient, subway-based access to the neighborhood. Of course, private taxis are also widely available in the area. Parking for visitors in the area is limited, so those residents who look forward to hosting out-of-town guests should plan ahead to have visitors use public transit or taxi services.

For residents, the conveniences of Beacon Hill are unmatched. A wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes line the community's streets. Whether you need to shop for a gift for a special occasion or want to pick up food items for the week, you'll find a store within walking distance of your home that meets your needs. Cambridge and Charles Streets are the primary commercial streets in the neighborhood. Both boast a wealth of unique, service-oriented shops and eateries.

Charles Street in particular is known for its upscale eateries, specialty food shops, home decorating showrooms and antique shops. The street is home to more than 40 antique shops, many of which offer classic pieces that strike the perfect complement to Beacon Hill homes. Cambridge Street is known for its restaurants, gas stations and supermarket development. The neighborhood is also home to one of the last independent pharmacies in America, a testament to the commitment of residents to their local community.

Of course, the arts and culture are also highly valued in Beacon Hill. The neighborhood boasts a wide variety of attractions that can be seen on foot. Among the most popular is the State House with its signature golden dome. The Boston Common, the oldest public park in America, also attracts thousands of visitors every year. Those residents who enjoy spending time outdoors can also appreciate a wide variety of flora and fauna at the Boston Public Gardens.

Beacon Hill is also home to the Boston Center for Jewish Heritage and the Museum of Afro-American History. These popular cultural destinations highlight and celebrate the diversity of the city. For those who want to take a step back into historic Boston, the Rose Nichols House Museum offers a rare look into a residential setting in Beacon Hill. A walking tour of the neighborhood also reveals its many charms and historic sites, including a cobblestone driveway built in 1802 and featured in several popular films.

When choosing a Beacon Hill apartment, nothing matters more than working with real estate agents who understand the neighborhood and are dedicated to meeting your needs. At Boston City Properties, we're proud to help both long-time Boston residents and newcomers find a place to call home in Beacon Hill. Several of our agents live in the neighborhood and enjoy the inside scoop on the latest rental openings. We're proud to embrace the values of the neighborhood and regard it as one of our favorites in all of Boston.