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  • Assembly Square Row Somerville
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Scheduled to open in late 2017 or early 2018, Assembly Square Condos will be the latest addition to the wildly ambitious Assembly Row mixed-use development in Somerville. If you live in the Boston area, you're undoubtedly already familiar with Assembly Row, which will soon be the site of a huge luxury apartment development. For those who prefer condo living, Assembly Square Condos will more than fulfill that need. The condos are part of Phase II, which will be carried out over the next couple of years. Although it will be a while yet before these luxury condos hit the market, it's never too early to start planning. Boston City Properties will keep you in the loop regarding this development so you can snag your dream home when the time comes.

The Basics

Assembly Row is located on the Mystic River in Somerville. Situated on the former site of a Ford Motor Company assembly plant that closed in 1958, leaving a blighted area in its wake, it is already transforming this bustling city. When the project is complete, the development will include more than 2,000 housing units, including the 117 luxury condos in this development.

After Ford moved out, a shopping mall was constructed on the site. It included a movie theater called Assembly Square Cinemas, and that's where the new condo development gets its name. All of that is in the past, though. The new complex is already largely complete, and Phase II will bring these sprawling luxury condos to what is already a very competitive real estate market. Many people are eagerly awaiting the availability of these units, so moving quickly when the time comes is of the utmost importance.

The mixed-use development where the condos will be located is one of the largest real estate projects in Boston and, possibly, New England. At an estimated cost of around $1.2 billion, it is truly massive in scope. Ultimately, it will include 167,000 square feet of retail space, a 700,000 square foot office building, a 155-room boutique hotel and, as mentioned previously, more than 2,000 housing units. Upon completion, Assembly Square Condos will fit in nicely, offering Bostonians another housing option in this burgeoning community.


Very little information regarding the amenities that will be included in this luxury condo development has been made public yet. However, because they are a part of the massive Assembly Row mixed-use development, residents will enjoy easy access to everything it has to offer. They will be just steps away from prime shopping, dining and other services. Conveniently, a new Orange Line stop was completed in September 2014, so public transportation is readily available too.

As for the kinds of amenities that will be offered by this development, we can only make educated guesses at this point. Based on what's included in similar complexes, however, it's safe to assume that this development will include an on-site fitness center. There's little doubt that these condos will fetch top dollar, but residents can cancel their gym memberships and save a little money.

An array of community features will likely be included in this upcoming condo development. There will probably be a roof deck, for instance, and some type of club room or resident lounge will likely be included in its design. There has been no word yet on the parking situation, but the overall complex includes parking garages, so residents with cars should have plenty of options at their disposal.

In terms of services, this Somerville condo development will probably have a concierge who can assist residents with various tasks and needs. Pets will certainly be permitted, and it wouldn't surprise us one bit if special pet amenities are included. Like many developments, for instance, this one may include a dog run, a dog park, a pet grooming station and similar features and services.

Condo Features

No floorplans are currently available. You can rest assured that they will include gourmet kitchens with stone counters and stainless steel appliances. Chances are that they will have open floor plans. We have not heard whether or not terraces, patios, balconies or other private or semi-private outdoor areas will be included.

Will you be condo shopping near the end of 2017 or early 2018? If so, Assembly Square Condos could be the perfect option. Boston City Properties will continually update this site with new information regarding this development as it becomes available, so check back often. When the time comes, we'll provide you with photos, virtual tours, floorplans and other info that will make your condo shopping experience that much easier.

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