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Over 700 Residential Units Approved for Boston's South End

Posted By: Boston City Properties

Boston's South End has been a focus for real estate development in recent years, and the latest projects are sure to add instant value to the neighborhood for both residents and business owners. The latest plans will include a massive housing project with additional community features, all poised in an ideal location not far from Chinatown.

The two plans were just approved by the Boston Planning and Development Agency, which has been in full swing in recent years with all sorts of new construction projects in the area. The South End neighborhood has been a prime spot for said development. Located just across from Interstate 90, this area serves as a natural lead in to Chinatown, and many of the older properties are vacant or decrepit, making them a smart choice for fresh construction.

In total, the plans will add 786 residential units to the South End area. This will be split between two distinct projects. The first is a project with three buildings that will be situated off Herald Street near both Shawmut Avenue and Washington Street. This project will include an apartment complex alongside a condominium unit. The apartment complex will be able to house 536 units in total. Of these units, at least a quarter will be designated as affordable housing.

The driving force behind this project is The Davis Cos., which is a real estate firm that focuses its work in Boston. The Davis Cos. has joined forces with local community leaders. This includes the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England and the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church. The mix of these backers ensures that the project will have economic and real estate gain while also ensuring that it fits in with the needs and feel of the local community in Chinatown.

In addition to the apartment complex, there will also be a condominium tower with 139 units. The plan also includes an expansion for the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, allowing the church to include additional worship space and room for community projects. The church will also be able to add 84 housing units of its own in this expansion. The final building in this three-pronged project will be a residential building, which is being developed on a CCBA lot. The CCBA hopes to use the development for additional community space for specific services such as social programs, ESL classes, citizenship workshops, after-school care and summer day camps.

While this Shawmut project is the larger of the two, the other plan approved will take place nearby on Albany Street. This project will be focused in the Ink Block neighborhood, and it will uniquely feature co-living spaces. The project will include a single building, which will be a tower with 250 residential units and 327 co-living spaces.

Co-living spaces appeal to modern residents, many of whom want affordable living without many frills. Therefore, the co-living development will feature fully furnished rooms with a variety of shared living spaces for the whole community to enjoy. The layouts will be efficient, which will keep prices down for residents, and on-site housekeeping will be available with a community manager on staff.

Both of these projects are sure to add real value to the neighborhood, offering a wealth of housing for people at all income levels. Because these projects are designed with the needs of the community in mind, they are going to be natural additions to the already vibrant feel in the South End. With approval in hand, both projects are slated to move forward in the development process, ensuring that good things are in store for Boston's South End.