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Roof Decks are a Must-Have in Boston

Roof decks are so hot these days in the Boston area. Wealthy people who want to make sure that their residential space is seen as valuable should have at least a swimming pool on the roof of the apartment building. According to the city inspectors, the Boston area has granted permission to 2,500 roof decks.

Elie Sader, 30 years of age who works as a neurologist at the Boston Medical Center, recalled how he would constantly gaze at the luxury building at the Seaport Boulevard. Called the Benjamin, the building has a pool on his deck while the property where he was staying at that time did not have it. Although he tried to ignore it, the roof decks are hard to miss in Boston.

Roof Decks in the City: Before

The roof decks these days consist of a few thousands of square feet. They do not just have a pool but they usually also have a music system, an outdoor flat screen TV, some heat lamps, a lawn, and even a misting station. All these things can be one-upped in the city.

Of course, it was not always this way. Bostonians used to have roof deck that was not even a deck. As long as the property owner has a roof access, it was easy enough to climb up and just surface on top of the rough tar of the roof. Those who wanted to sit and relax had to bring their own chair as they try to scramble up the worn stairs. Going back down was usually simpler than going up but not after a few beers.

Roof Decks in the City Now

The new Boston is noticeable with most of the properties showcasing their roof decks. According to the Inspectional Services Department, they have counted a total of 2,500 decks, which are located on residential towers. Some are found in multi-unit buildings as well as office buildings. There are also some decks that settle on single-family homes, which is unsurprising.

The number though does not include those that do not have proper permits. According to Brian Ronan who works as the chief building inspector of the city, Boston does not have the number of roof decks from the past years. He said that he used to see these decks very rarely during the early times. However, it seems like every inspection job he does potentially contains a roof deck.

Part of the Amenity Package

Back to the time when Boston was just a simple city, these decks were not a part of the amenities of the properties, especially those that are for rental purposes. Today, they are even considered a necessity for prospective residents to consider the unit.

The decks now have a trellis or an awning that is retractable using a motorized control. They also come with accent lighting, which is not just for the purpose of lighting up the place but also to enhance the design and style of the deck. Some roof decks also have an entire kitchen, while other people can even shower on theirs.

With roof decks in Boston, it has become so easy to invite friends over to enjoy a hot tub or even a fire pit. Instead of going up and down the apartment to get some beer or any drink, there are now decks with dual zone wine coolers right on their rooftops.

Lifestyle Decks

Also known as lifestyle decks, these roof decks in Boston have become a demand, especially for millennials. Upscale buildings cannot be called so without these decks where café tables and yoga classes can be performed.

There is always a new approach when it comes to roof decks in Boston. Patrick McMahon agrees that there seems to be competition with how these decks are developed in the city. There are even some buildings that have not just one but two roof decks. McMahon is from the Federal Realty Investment Trust, which is the firm that works on the Assembly Row apartment building in Somerville. His group is construction a 20 story building with almost 450 apartment units, and the plan includes a roof deck.