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New and Major Developments in East Boston

Boston is currently experiencing a number of changes including recent major developments in the city. Many parts are enjoying the modifications, and one of them is East Boston. Among the several areas of the city, the eastern part is among the busiest. East Boston has a number of plans or proposed projects, including what seems to be the biggest this year, which is Amazon’s Headquarters. If not, there is still a huge possibility that a certain company will take the vacant site near the Blue Line.

List of the East Boston Plans

Here are the major developments that can be expected in East Boston:

Suffolk Downs

The racetrack is the site mentioned above. It has 161 acres of land and could become the place that would be considered as among the biggest constructions in the region of Boston, specifically in its most recent history.

There have been a lot of talks recently pointing Suffolk Downs as the area that Amazon would choose for its second headquarters. Local and state officials, as well as the news personalities and the general public, are all discussing the huge possibility that this old racetrack could be where the HQ would be built. There is already one in Seattle, Washington.

If Suffolk Downs is not awarded by Amazon as the site for its headquarters, it will become the second time that it would experience something like that. Just in 2014, the area was the leading contender for a casino resort. However, it was suddenly out of the list, and the entertainment site eventually ended up in Everett.

Suffolk Downs remained operational but with just a few events here and there for the next two years. However, the racetrack was found by a developer that also worked on large-scale projects in the region, including the Boston Landing in Brighton. With the involvement of this particular developer, it is possible that Suffolk Downs will become a mixed-use neighborhood with housing and retail properties all over it.

Everett Street

Speaking of Everett, this part of East Boston has been approved to have a construction in progress. The approval happened in late July, and it will be comprised of four complexes, which will be used for residential purposes. About 19 of the units will be condos, and then it will also feature 21 parking spaces in its garage.

Clippership Wharf

Clippership Wharf is a complex in East Boston that is already under construction. The total land area of the site is 12 acres and is planned to have almost 480 units, which will be used for residential purposes. The project is expected to be finalized before the end of 2018.

Aside from the residential units, Clippership Wharf will also be home to ground floor commercial sites, along with parking spaces that can house from 295 to 308 vehicles. It will also contain public facilities that can be useful, especially for the residents.

Included in the Clippership Wharf is the condo component of the complex, which features 80 units. The building is located at 65 Lewis Street and is known as the Slip65. Leasing and selling started in early June this year, and soon enough, the complex sold out at a record-breaking rate of just eight weeks.

114 Orleans Street

Here is another area in East Boston that will soon have an interesting collection of residential units. According to the developers, there are three units in the building that are designed to be affordable for the potential tenants.

The proposal to construct the condo was just approved a few months ago, back in late July. It was approved by the Boston Planning and Development Agency in which the plan entails the building of a five-story construction. It is planned to have 23 units of residential condos, along with 25 parking spaces inside the building.

Many are already looking forward to the start of the construction, but the developers have yet to set a date for the process to begin.

31 Orleans Street

Unlike the other area in Orleans Street, this one has already broke ground. The construction will finish a four-story building. It will contain 14 units in its apartment complex. What is quite interesting is that about seven of the units will have three bedrooms each.

175 William F. McClellan Highway

From a rental car space to an apartment complex, the developers behind the idea are also the same ones involved in the West of Chestnut project in Quincy Center. The plan is to convert the 3.29-acre lot into a building or buildings that feature 300 apartment units.

It will also have at least 2,000 square feet of space, which will be used for onsite parking and ground floor commercial area. Also included in the plan is to turn this future apartment complex into becoming a part of the Orient Heights section. The location is ideal as it provides easy transit for young professionals and other residents, thanks to the Blue Line stop that is just 15 minutes away.

The plan will make this one of the biggest developments in the area. However, the developers do not want to start yet until next year, so Suffolk Downs remains to the biggest redevelopment in this part of Boston.

245 Sumner Street

The project is called The Residences, which entails four floors of an apartment complex. It is almost complete now, so the opening of the building is imminent. The whole building comes with 34 units.

The Residences spans a total of 2,257 square feet, which will be used for retail purposes. There is also an underground garage that can take up to 34 vehicles. The rents are offered at market rates, so potential renters can expect to find units that start at $2,400 per month.

99 Sumner Street

Another development that will soon take place in East Boston, particularly in Sumner Street is the conversion of the Hodge Boiler Works to a condominium complex. The developers have already been chosen for this long-planned project that will feature about 119 condo units. The Boston Planning and Development Agency approved the plan in late July.

The developers have submitted their proposal for the development, which would entail 7,200 square feet of ground floor commercial or work-share space. It will be open to the public and will face the waterfront. The residents will have something that is exclusively for them: an elevated courtyard that will span more than 5,000 square feet.

For potential renters, they will find about seven of the condo units marked as affordable by the developers. Bike storage is planned to be ample with 119 for interior space and 28 for the exterior. The spaces will be open to the public as well. Meanwhile, residents can use the underground space for car parking, which will be exclusively for them.

There is also a bike parking area, which is open to the public. It is part and parcel of the inclusion of the project in Boston’s Harborwalk. The running section will take up to 240 feet and will fill the gap between the Lo Presti Park and the Carlton Wharf.

301 Border Street

In this side of East Boston, there is a planned condominium complex where the building will have six stories to accommodate a total of 64 units. There will also be a ground floor commercial space and a parking lot that can cover up to 42 vehicles. The complex will also feature bike spaces that will be in its interiors, containing almost 75 units. A gallery will also be in the complex, which will be used to showcase the shipbuilding history of East Boston.

It has been a year since this project received the go signal from the authorities, so construction should take place anytime soon.

Maverick Shipyard

Speaking of ships, the shipyard project received the green light in July of last year. The plan is to build a three-story apartment complex, which will hold a total of 23 units. Three of which are designated as affordable. It will also have 20 parking spaces. The construction process has not started, but it could begin before the end of 2017.

Boston East

Finally, there is Boston East, which is one of the biggest developments in East Boston. The complex features 200 units of apartments, which have already started accepting leasing applications since early September.

The budget for this project is $71 million, and it is slated to open this December. It will have about 174 units designated as market rate, while 26 of them will be affordable. There are also six live-work apartment units that will accommodate artists.

Rapid Progress of East Boston is Evident

To outsiders, this part of Boston is often considered a neighborhood tagged as working class. It has a high concentration of students originating from many parts of the world. East Boston is also where Logan International Airport is situated.

While foreigners see this place as the ones mentioned above, Eastie is a hidden gem for the residents. It has a number of triple-decker properties on the waterfront where the best views of the city skyline can be enjoyed. East Boston is also where rapid developments have brought several positives, including many job opportunities in the neighborhood.

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