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Charles Street Garage: The Priciest Parking Space in Boston Now on Sale

There is an available unit for sale located at 144 Charles Street, and it is priced at $350,000. Unit 2-34 is not an apartment or a condo, or even a co-op, but it is actually a parking space. Charles Street in Beacon Hill is one of the top quality garages in the region of Boston.

There may have been other pricier parking spaces in the area before, but this one at Charles Street is considered the most expensive in Boston right now. It is tied with another parking spot, which is also up for sale at 334 Beacon Street. Unit 2-34 is a part of a “parking condominium” as it owner calls it. In other words, it is not an ordinary parking space because it has some services and features that every vehicle owner would love to enjoy.

What You Can Get from a $350K Garage Parking Space in Charles Street

Charles Street Garage has been considered one of the choicer garage spaces for neighborhoods of West End and Beacon Hill. Because it has been transformed into a parking condominium, it is definitely one of a kind. The same conversion was performed on parking spaces at Brimmer Street back in 1979.

The garage spaces in Charles Street are very limited, and now, one unit is up for sale. When purchased, the buyer will have deeded rights to the parking space. The rights are described in detail and are regulated through the documents for the condominium. Those who are interested in purchasing the garage space must be a resident of West End and Beacon Hill.

If you are the lucky buyer of the garage space, you can take pleasure in one of the region’s best amenities. The garage will maintain its full services and will still be professionally managed. It will remain a valet parking garage and will continue operating every day for 24 hours. Aside from these mentioned features, there are enhanced services that will make the owner proud to call the parking space as the home of their vehicle. These services now include:

It is worth-mentioning that the lounge for drivers has always been there. However, it has been redesigned to further accommodate the requests of the vehicle owners for their relaxation and peace of mind.

It is a Big Opportunity

As pricy as $350,000 may sound for a garage space, it is actually a great offer. Beacon Hill neighborhood has always been the place for one of, if not the most expensive parking spaces in all of Boston. In fact, just in 2015, there was an announcement that a garage was put up for sale for a whopping $650,000. The price tag was so high that it was more than the cost of the Millennium Tower penthouse for every square foot.

Originally, parking spaces with single-deeds were sold for just $7,500. However, the values have increased, and since the year 2000, there has been a 97% hike in the average sale price. It is quite common for people who own a townhouse in Brimmer Street and nearby places in Beacon Hill like Charles Street to drop at least $350,000 for a parking space.

144 Charles Street Garage is currently open with about 170 spots with one that is up for sale. Rent is charged per hour with an average of $24 for two hours. Those who would like to park their cars here should check the availability first and make a reservation beforehand. Renting for 24 hours is allowed for an affordable price of $44.

Renters of the space called “early birds” who would take the slot from 5 AM to 9 PM will get discounted offers. Meanwhile, those who would like to rent for the whole month will normally be charged $590 for the parking space. The garage allows stays during Saturdays and Sundays but only for a maximum of 12 hours. Cost of the rent is $25 and may be paid through checks, cash, or credit cards.