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Boston’s Skinny House Buyer Pays Extra $5K for the Property

It seems like homebuyers are hungry to possess a property in Boston as evident with the sale of the famous Skinny House in North End. The asking price was $895,000, but the buyer paid $900,000 for the slice of a house.

The Appeal of the Skinny House

Photos of the Skinny House have been floating around for years. However, when it went on sale, more people got curious, and a virtual tour was even put in place. It is called a skinny house because the building’s width only measures 10 feet and two inches, which is its widest point. The narrowest point is just six feet and two inches.

The Skinny House is comprised of four stories and what is interesting about it is that it makes good use of its available space. As shown in the photos of the building, it would feel as if the owner has a studio apartment where narrow staircases hold all the items together.

According to Cabot and Company, the firm that listed the property for sale, there was a lot of interest in the building. Eventually, the buyer who added $5,000 to the original asking price of the skinny house won the bid.

Why is It Called a Skinny House?

The size may be very small, but this house actually has a full kitchen. It also has one bathroom and two bedrooms, as well as a roof deck. The property comes with laundry, too and a huge backyard.

Aside from the unique size of the building, the history of the skinny house is also captivating as it centers on spite and betrayal. It is said that the property was passed down, so two brothers could share it. However, one of the brothers had to leave because of a fight during the Civil War. The other sibling took charge and built a house on the land.

The new house at that time invaded the entire parcel which was supposed to be for his brother. When the other brother got back, he discovered what his sibling did. He was angry and wanted revenge, but he fought back by constructing the so-called skinny house. It was purposely built that way to block his sibling’s view of the sun as well as the hillside setting.

Today, these views are not available anymore. However, the building has become a sight as it is sandwiched between two buildings from where it stands.

Although the story of the skinny house remains a tale that many citizens like to talk about, records do show that the building has been around since the 1870s. During that time, Civil War was indeed taking place, so there must be something to this particular story.

What’s Inside the Skinny House?

The property is considered a humble home as it is placed between two brick and mortar structures. Taking a look at it from the outside, it would seem as if it is tucked away into a whole different century. It does have a modest appearance, but it definitely has high value.

The 44 Hull Street home was once called the Spite House because of its legend. Inside the house, the style is a reflection of its views in time. The walls come with a combination of old bricks with bright yet neutral paint colors. The floors complement the walls with hardwood. There are also little nooks at some areas to display that the space has changed over time.

The house has a makeshift rack for coats just by the door. There is a supporting beam as well as a bookshelf. With the kitchen, a washer and a dryer, a spacious yard, and a sky roof, the place can make the owner feel as if he or she is in a comfortable townhouse or condo unit.

The area may be tiny, but it has giant features, including the hardwood stairs that lead to the roof deck of the property. From there, the Charles River and the Zakim Bridge can be viewed. The fifth-floor deck also offers a glance at the tall buildings and the old cemetery across the way.