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Inexpensive Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard

Even if your budget is tight and you don't have a lot of time to spend improving your backyard, you can still make an upgrade both economically and efficiently. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to make your backyard more attractive and inviting:

A built-in bench complements a deck area. Choose from rectangular to curved, depending on the shape of your deck. A built-in bench with trellis serves more than one purpose, as does one with a storage cabinet beneath. Maybe you prefer a rustic look. Scrap cedar is an excellent material for a handcrafted bench. A mahogany bench coordinates nicely with decorative concrete for an elegant look. A low-built bench can double as railing around a deck. A built-in bench goes well with a coffee table of the same material. Connect the entire outdoor area with multilevel decks that can also serve as benches.

A quick and easy seating solution is to spray paint cinder blocks and allow to thoroughly dry. Stack the blocks and slide sturdy 3-by-3-foot wooden poles through the holes. A few weatherproof pillows on top will complete your bench.

A stone wall is another practical seating option.

For easy-care seating that can withstand harsh weather, consider concrete or brick.

Buying off the shelf is far more economical than custom work. All you need is a little creativity, and your landscaping can look like a professional custom job.

Another cool garden idea is to drill holes in the bottoms of old gutters and fill with soil. Plant with flowers, herbs or vegetables and hang in a sunny spot on the house or on a tree.

A flat, properly-trained two-dimensional espalier can even extend the season of some fruit trees.

Hang an old chandelier from a tree branch and replace the light bulb with a solar bulb. Now there's no need for electricity, and it's beautiful as well.

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