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Looking for up-to-date listings for real estate in Allston? This vibrant neighborhood, which is located in the western part of Boston, boasts an eclectic real estate market that includes condos, commercial properties, single-family homes, apartments and more. Navigating the available options can be confusing, but your search will go more smoothly when you sign up for access to Boston City Properties' Allston real estate listings and get advice from our talented real estate professionals.

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A Closer Look at Allston

Situated on the Atlantic coast, Boston is one of the oldest cities in North America. Over the years, Boston has become a diverse city with a variety of vibrant neighborhoods. While each of these neighborhoods has a distinctive feel, few can compare to Allston. If you are considering a move to the Boston area, then you should think very seriously about what the district of Allston and its real estate can offer you.

Overview of Allston

Allston is one of Boston's better known neighborhoods. Located next to Brighton, these two districts are generally classified together to the wider Boston community. Allston has a particular reputation with hipsters, many of whom are attracted to the area's diverse dining scene and vibrant musical venues. As part of zip code 02134, Allston is protected by the Boston Police Department, and its schools are affiliated with the Boston Public Schools. The local firehouse, where Engine 41 is housed, is called affectionately "The Bull" by the local community. This is an overt reference to the stockyards that helped make Allston the neighborhood it is today.

Historical Background

As a neighborhood of Boston, Allston has a rich history. Although Boston was a city for quite some time, Allston first gained attention in 1867 as its own entity. This happened because of ongoing railroad expansion in the city. A depot was opened in the Brighton area. With enough traffic, depots to the east were given the name "Allston" in order to clarify their position. The name itself is drawn from Washington Allston, who was a painter who lived and worked in the area.

Despite the fact that the area was and still is known as Allston, it does not have its own political structure. Instead, Allston became part of Boston when Brighton was annexed in 1874. However, Allston remained distinctive, and today, it is one of Boston's officially recognized neighborhoods.

Even early on, Allston was attractive to those with a creative spirit. In addition to Washington Allston, other famous celebrities called Allston home. For example, writer Henry Wadsworth Longfellow also owned property in Allston. Even with this appeal, the local economy had different roots. By contrast, most of the local economy was based on the railroad and farming. The Boston and Albany Railroad, which would become CSX, was a large supplier of jobs with its yards in the area.

As the railroad lost its hold on American transportation, more industry eventually rose up in the surrounding area. Many of the stockyards were converted and revitalized for other needs. Today, Allston is home to many businesses and educational facilities. This is why the area is particularly popular with students. CSX still has some minimal presence in Allston, but much of the company's land has been sold off and is continually targeted for redevelopment. In fact, recent reports have outlined that the last of CSX's property has been sold to Harvard. This new land will be cultivated to become a dynamic hub of educational and commercial activity under the school's oversight in the coming years.

Housing Opportunities

Allston is best known for its apartment buildings. Many of these buildings are built with a distinctive brick facade, which can make them look quite historic even when they are not. The most notable area for apartment living is on Commonwealth Avenue. Here, there are wooden triple-deckers. These unique buildings provide convenient housing with a few distinctive perks, and Commonwealth Avenue is often preferred by students due to its proximity to transportation and educational facilities.

Even though the apartments are the best known, Allston also has plenty of options for single-family living. In lower Allston, the real estate selection is especially plentiful. Many of these homes are of an historic nature, having been built between 1890 and 1920. These Victorian homes are spectacular from the outside, and the interior quality can vary. Some people prefer a home that is ready for modern living. Others like the opportunity to revitalize an older home to their exact specifications. No matter what one might prefer, the options for real estate in this neighborhood are sure to satisfy.

A Haven for Hipsters

Boston may be known for its history, but Allston is renowned as a place for a fresh take on culture. This neighborhood has some of the best restaurants in Boston. This is not merely in terms of quality. This is also in terms of diversity. When living in Allston, it is possible to sample delicacies from a wide variety of ethnic cuisine groups.

Food may be a major draw in Allston, but there are also a number of places to go for fresh, local beer. One of the best known locations is Deep Ellum. This establishment is located on Cambridge Street. While Deep Ellum carries the latest microbrews, it is also a good stop for more traditional cocktails. If you are looking for a good selection of beers on draft, then you should stop by Sunset Grill & Tap. There is simply no place with more beers so readily available. There are hundreds of beers ready to go, and the locals think the food is pretty good as well.

In addition to the numerous eateries, there are also other trendy commercial offerings to consider. Just make a visit to Landry's Bicycles, which offers guests help with all things related to cycling. Another popular venue is the Buffalo Exchange. This clothing store has a unique vibe thanks to the mix of new and recycled items on its racks.

Much of the activity in this neighborhood can be traced to Allston Village. This is a section of Allston that is located on Harvard Avenue. Allston Village has a high density of bars and restaurants. It is also a great place for trendy shopping.

Community Events

Although Allston can be quite trendy, it can also be homey. This is due to the fact that Allston has a strong community presence. The neighborhood is knitted closely together, and the bonds are maintained with a number of distinctive events throughout the year.

For an example, stop by in early September. This is when Allston Christmas occurs. It is not a traditional holiday where you give a gift, but it is a great time to score some free items. With so many students in Allston, there is a lot of turnover in apartment leasing. Therefore, when September rolls around, many people are moving in and out. During this process, residents simply leave items they cannot fit into their homes or moving trucks on the curb. Here, items are available for anyone who needs them. This community event may not be official, but it is certainly a merry time of year.

Another fun event is Squirt Gun Day. This event is also technically unofficial, but that does not stop local residents from holding it every August. In order to participate, everyone wears green and brings squirt guns to a water-logged spectacular on Harvard Avenue. The event may be fast, furious and startling for outsiders, but for Allston residents, it is a great way to cool down and come together.

For a little less ruckus, there are other community events to consider. One great option for the family is the Allston Village Street Fair. This event also takes place on Harvard Avenue, but in this case, the area is transformed with booths for vendors and stages for performers. Local businesses showcase their best and latest, and live music complements the other activities that are designed for children.

Music and the Arts

While there are ample opportunities for cultural enrichment and community enjoyment, Allston is best known for its music. In fact, this neighborhood is known as "Allston Rock City." One look at the variety of venues for music will tell you everything you need to know.

For indie punk, music lovers can try Great Scott. Bright Music Hall, by contrast, features local bands of all flavors. Other popular spots for live performances include Studio 52, the Allston Sound Museum, O'Brien's Pub, Paradise Rock Club and Wonder Bar.

This exquisite musical selection can be traced to the variety of musical acts with ties to Allston. In particular, Aerosmith is very fond of its Allston background. In 2012, the iconic group put on a live show near an old apartment building where its members used to live. This apartment just happened to be located in the Allston neighborhood. Music may also be incorporated into the Allston-Brighton parade and the Allston DIY Fest.

In this manner, Allston is the go-to place for the hottest local sounds. It is a place where local performers can make-it or break-it in their quest for broader fame. To complement the venues for concerts, Allston also has several recording studios. The most famous option is Galaxy Park, but Allston is regarded for its do-it-yourself mentality when it comes to music. Success stories like Aerosmith's give hope to the upcoming acts that flock to Allston for their big break.

Student Life

One reason for Allston's distinctive vibe is its association with education. For younger children, Allston is part of the Boston Public Schools. The coveted Gardner Pilot Academy is located in this neighborhood on Athol Street. Allston is also the location of the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This respected school is the oldest public school in the country that caters to the hearing impaired. In fact, this is the school that was attended by Helen Keller. Modern students benefit from the latest technologies that have been developed to serve children with hearing impairments.

These childhood schools are a draw for families, but Allston is probably better known for its higher education. Thanks to the neighborhood's location in the larger Boston area, Allston is situated near three major universities. Boston University has a large presence here with multiple buildings and facilities. Harvard University also has facilities in the vicinity. In particular, this neighborhood is close to the Harvard Business School and Harvard Stadium. There are plans to develop more of the district's vacant real estate for future Harvard extensions. Northeastern University is also within close proximity of Allston.

With so much access to higher education, it is no wonder that this neighborhood continues to be popular with students. According to some statistics, this neighborhood is predominantly occupied by renters. However, this does not mean that the real estate is lacking. To the contrary, the affordable options are diverse and varied. Residents can choose from brick apartment buildings or renovated Victorian homes.

In addition to established residential development, vacant areas have also been earmarked for ongoing development. With Harvard's campus expansion in Allston, the intent is to create a mixed-use space. This means that Harvard will develop residential housing alongside academic and commercial interests. Although this project has not yet been completed, it should add plenty of new and exciting real estate for students, families and young professionals.


Allston may have a long association with the railroad, but its options for modern transportation are more relevant for current residents. This neighborhood is thoroughly connected to the rest of Boston through the MBTA subway. The "B" Branch passes through Allston with a Green Line connection on Commonwealth Avenue. In addition to the subway, there are also bus routes that make stops in this district. Bus route 57 is especially popular. By most estimations, nearly half of the community successfully relies on mass transit for most of their daily transportation needs.

As ongoing real estate development occurs in the area, there are also plans to expand transportation options. Harvard officials have been especially vocal about this, and they would like to better serve students with a commuter rail stop in the vicinity. In fact, just recently, officials realized that it would be plausible to add a stop in Allston via the current Framingham/Worcester line. The infrastructure was mostly in place thanks to the abandoned train depot in the area. After much planning and revitalization, this stop opened to the public in 2017.

Additional development for commuter rail has been discussed with specific intentions to develop a West Station. This station would be created on the vacant CSX property, and it would eventually have platforms that connect to North Station through Cambridge and Somerville.

With all this, it is clear that Allston residents can easily travel throughout Boston and the rest of the region for work, school and pleasure.

Real Estate Pricing

Compared to the wider Boston community, real estate in this neighborhood is relatively affordable. This is not to say that it is cheap, however. Affordable housing in Boston can be hard to come by, and Allston has some of the best options to consider. On average, rental prices hover around $2,300 a month. For comparison, this is about $200 less than the rest of Boston. For those who are interested in buying, the average cost of a home was $317,000. While this is somewhat higher than the national average, it is still reasonable for Boston.

Given these options, finding the right housing options in Allston is possible for people at all price points. Therefore, if you are looking for the right place to live in Boston, then consider real estate in this quintessential neighborhood.

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