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Virtual Office Space in Boston

If you need an address for your business but don't need dedicated office space, virtual office space may be the answer. In Boston, you can take your pick from a wide array of virtual office space services and solutions. However, zeroing in on the right solution can be tricky. For best results, turn to the experts at Boston City Properties. We're the trusted authority for commercial real estate, including virtual office space, in and around Greater Boston. Our team consists of experienced experts who are adept at helping clients locate suitable space for their businesses. Later, if you end up needing "physical" space too, we'd be happy to help you locate the perfect thing.

What is Virtual Office Space?

Virtual office space is, well, virtual. In other words, it's not tangible; it doesn't physically exist. If that's the case, what's the point of it? Oftentimes, small businesses like startups are able to conduct the majority of their business from home or from other remote locations. For them, investing in physical office space at this stage isn't practical, as they really don't need it. However, on communications, a business looks far more established and trustworthy when it has a physical address somewhere in a central business district. With virtual office space, you can secure such an address and avail yourself of many additional services.

So, the most basic definition of virtual office space is that it provides a prominent physical mailing address for a small company that doesn't require actual dedicated space. However, most companies sign up for more than just that. As virtual offices have evolved, they have started offering more varied and customized services. In particular, most virtual office providers offer virtualized resources via cloud computing and the like to allow companies to conduct business from practically anywhere. By having a prominent physical address somewhere in downtown Boston too, a company can be operated from just about anywhere and by just a small number of people--perfect for startups.

It should also be noted that virtual offices will also often handle opening and scanning incoming mail for businesses. They will then scan and digitize the contents so that everything can be sent via email or posted somewhere to the cloud. As a result, there's no need to go and physically retrieve the mail. Therefore, you could live in, say, Florida and have a business address in Boston, and no one would be any the wiser. At the same time, your company will enjoy a lot more prestige having an address in one of the busiest business areas in the country.


Perhaps you are intrigued by the concept of virtual office space but still don't quite get why it would be a worthwhile investment. There are many benefits for certain businesses, however, and some of the most noteworthy ones include:

Where to Find

Since virtual offices are virtual, you don't typically find them by pounding the pavement. Rather, such services are most commonly advertised online. However, it's important to note that some virtual office space providers do offer on-demand business space. This is a great feature for companies that may occasionally need to conduct in-person business in downtown Boston but that generally can handle their day-to-day affairs from home or elsewhere. In this case, it is important to locate a service that has on-demand space that is ideally located for your purposes.

When searching for virtual office space with on-demand space for when it's needed, focus your search on Boston's most prominent business districts. Stick with places like Seaport, Downtown and the Financial District. You can usually find good options in Back Bay and even South Boston as well. If you aren't sure where to look or where your virtual office should be located, the team at Boston City Properties is glad to provide some guidance. Our team includes experts who are well-versed regarding virtual office space services in the city, and they can point you toward a service that will suit your needs and budget to a T.

How Much Does it Cost?

Unlike physical office space, virtual office space is not priced by the square foot. Rather, it is usually billed as a flat fee that includes unlimited services for a specific length of time. Most commonly, you do have to sign a contract or other document when establishing such services. However, most providers offer flexible terms, so you can usually choose from weekly, monthly or yearly options. As far as how much you can expect to pay, that varies far too widely from one provider to another for us to provide even ballpark estimates here.

Is it Right for You?

How can you know for sure if investing in virtual office space in Boston is the right move for your business? Really, the decision shouldn't be too difficult to make. If you can carry out most of your day-to-day business from home or elsewhere but would like a physical address in a central business district, virtual space is probably the best option. The nice thing is that there's such a huge array of such services in Greater Boston that you shouldn't have any trouble finding something that addresses all of your most pressing requirements.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Boston City Properties specializes in connecting clients with real estate around Boston and throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, we understand that physical office space is not right for all businesses. Sometimes, companies start with virtual offices and then expand into physical ones after becoming more established. Other times, companies continue to use virtual office space indefinitely to keep overhead low. Whatever your reasons may be for needing virtual office space in Boston, our team can connect you with resources and experts who can make the search as smooth and easy for you as possible.

Down the road, if you decide that it's time to move your company into physical office space somewhere in Boston, connect with Boston City Properties. We maintain one of the largest online databases of searchable Boston real estate listings, and it includes up-to-the-second listings for office space across all Boston neighborhoods and districts. Access is provided for free and on an unlimited basis. You just have to complete and submit a quick, simple form to get started. Our powerful search tool allows you to target specific areas in the city, and you can use filters to pinpoint space that suits your space and budget requirements.

Start Today

The longer that your business goes without a prominent address in Boston, the longer it will probably take to grow and expand as much as you would like. Give your company the shot in the arm that it needs by investing in virtual office space in Boston. Boston City Properties is here to assist you in locating virtual office space services in the area of the city that you require. As your company grows, reconnect with us later for assistance in finding great Class A, Class B or Class C office space downtown, in Dorchester or in any other neighborhood or outlying community of Greater Boston. For more info, call Boston City Properties today.