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Loft Office Space in Boston

If you're looking for office space in Boston that's a bit more flexible and unique, loft office space may be the answer. In recent years, office lofts have soared in popularity around the city, including in most of its hottest business districts. Still, locating suitable loft space for a business in this bustling area can be a big challenge--even if you're fairly well-versed regarding Boston commercial real estate. Do yourself a favor and avail yourself of the considerable resources of Boston City Properties during your search. In addition to operating one of the largest searchable online databases of Boston real estate listings, we have connections with skilled commercial real estate agents who can help you secure the perfect loft office space.

What is Loft Office Space?

Loft office space is just office space that is located in a loft-style setting. Although the term "loft" traditionally referred to an area in a building that was located near the very top level, this is no longer strictly true. Under the current definition, a loft is usually space that has been repurposed after being used for warehousing or other industrial or commercial purposes. Some of the most common characteristics of loft space include:

Where to Find Loft Office Space in Boston

As popular as it has become, loft office space can be found in most of Boston's prominent business districts. As this type of space tends to appeal to businesses that are more artsy or creative in nature, most loft office space is concentrated in a few pockets of the city. In particular, you will find a plethora of office loft space options in places like Seaport District, Southie, Downtown and in the Financial District. Since loft space is often made from converted old buildings, it's also available in many surprising parts of the city. If you don't need a central location for your business, you may be surprised by the out-of-the-way areas where you'll find some loft offices.


So, you need office space in Boston. Why would you choose loft office space? Are there any benefits beyond the merely aesthetic? Well, to be fair, most companies opt for loft space for almost purely aesthetic reasons. They simply like the look, feel and ambiance of loft offices, and they feel like the loft setting suits the nature of their business well. However, some companies have more practical reasons for choosing loft space. For instance, a company that relies heavily on collaboration may prefer the wide open space of a loft. Similar, a business that has unique layout requirements may look to lofts for their flexibility in that department.

If you run a creative sort of business or one that caters to certain demographics, having a loft office could bring some pretty significant benefits to the table for your company. Being able to show clients that you run a business out of such a unique and interesting space can help to build your company's esteem and reputation. Also, many creative types believe that they come up with better ideas and think more freely in less confined spaces. Whatever your reasons may be for looking for loft office space in Boston, you are far from alone in thinking that loft space is the best option for your business.

How Much Does Boston Loft Office Space Cost?

For the most part, loft office space in Boston is priced roughly in line with other types of office space. Really, then, the biggest determinant of how much you will pay is the quality and location of the space in question. If it's regarded as Class A space in a hot area like the Financial District, you can expect to pay an average of $27 per square foot under current market conditions. Then again, if it's more like Class B office space in a less prominent area, you will probably pay closer to an average of $20 per square foot. Keep in mind that since loft offices tend to be roomier, they tend to be more pricey in that regard.

Is it Right for Your Business?

Perhaps you are interested in loft space for your company but aren't sure if it's really worth it. After all, you will most likely pay more for the space because it is apt to be much larger than you would otherwise need. Therefore, the most important determining factor here is whether or not your budget can comfortably accommodate it. With that being said, you can always make a few concessions to get what you need more affordably. For example, rather than lease loft space in the heart of downtown, where you will pay top dollar, lease it a bit off of the beaten path. If having a truly "central" location isn't important, don't bother shelling out the extra money for it.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

So, you are ready to move your business into a loft office in Boston but aren't sure where to start. Since you've landed on this page, you've made an excellent first step. Boston City Properties is the local authority when it comes to commercial real estate around the city of Boston. We operate one of the most comprehensive online databases of searchable MA real estate listings around. It is updated continually, so you can rest assured of always getting accurate and timely information. Through our convenient search tool, you can select neighborhoods in the city to target during your search and adjust filters for things like square footage, price range and more. That way, your results will only include loft offices that meet your requirements, making your search that much easier.

The assistance doesn't stop with our searchable database, which is provided free of charge after you complete and submit a simple form. Boston City Properties employs a team of experts who is available to answer questions about listings that you find in our database and about virtually anything else that pertains to real estate in the city. We also have connections with respected and experienced commercial real estate experts in all Boston neighborhoods as well as in cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. When you're ready, we can connect you with an agent who can get answers to questions, take you to tour loft offices around Boston, guide you through closing and more.

Don't Wait Another Minute

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