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Are you in the market for Class A office space in Boston? Let Boston City Properties lend a hand! In addition to being a leading authority on Boston commercial real estate, we maintain one of the largest and most exhaustive online databases of searchable MA real estate listings around. Our goal is to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to zero in on great Class A space that suits your requirements. We also have skilled commercial real estate agents across the city who are available to assist you in locating suitable space. On top of all of that, our website contains a wealth of resources regarding commercial real estate in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, so you can gain useful insights into the market and more.

What is Class A Office Space?

For the sake of convenience, office space is typically classified into one of three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C. Just as an A is the best grade that you can get in school, Class A office space is the best office space that you can get in a given area. Naturally, what constitutes Class A space in one market may constitute Class B in another. In a major city like Boston, of course, real estate with an A classification is truly the cream of the crop. If you are in the market for it, you likely operate a successful and profitable business.

What are the characteristics of Class A office space?

Where to Find

Class A office space is readily available in many parts of Boston. Of course, the best of the best can be found smack dab in the heart of downtown. Some of the city's best-known office towers are also found in the Financial District, the Seaport District and in many surrounding neighborhoods. Several are found in Back Bay, but they are mostly mid-rises as opposed to high-rises. Still, their quality is every bit as good as that of the taller buildings that dominate the skyline downtown.


It should come as no surprise that you're going to pay top dollar for premium Class A office space in the heart of Boston's business district. In fact, you are going to pay a premium for this type of office space pretty much wherever it's found in the city. Citywide, the average rent per square foot for Class A space is around $27. However, for premium Class A space in particularly desirable areas, the average is closer to $55 per square foot--and many expect that that figure will continue to climb in the years to come. It should also be noted that due to high demand for Class A space in the city, perks like tenant concessions are rare.

New Construction

There has been a veritable building boom of late around the city, and that's especially true regarding Class A office space. In December 2015, four new Class A buildings were being constructed in Boston: 140 Northern Avenue, 100 Northern Avenue, 888 Boylston Avenue and 121 Seaport Boulevard. That is just a snapshot of one month in the last handful of years. Every month since has seen some kind of new construction activity, and it seems like new deals for swanky office buildings are being made all the time.

Low Vacancy Rates for Class A in Boston

Even under ideal circumstances, locating the right Class A office space in a competitive commercial real estate market like Boston's is a tall order. That is truer still these days, as vacancy rates have dropped to some of the lowest figures in recent memory. During the fourth quarter of 2015, the vacancy rate for Class A space in the city was just 8 percent. That is incredible considering that this is the most desirable yet most expensive office space that is available. Typically, vacancy rates for such space are quite a bit higher. This is why it's so crucial to have the right help, and Boston City Properties is here to provide it.

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