Celebrity couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen decided in May 2013 that they wanted to have a mansion built in Brookline, Massachusetts. The duo paid $4.5 million at that time to buy a 5.2 acre property, and the construction of their 14,000 square foot home is finally almost finished. This represents a major location change and a downsized mansion for Bundchen and Brady who previously lived in an 18,000 square foot home in Los Angeles. That mansion was sold for a reported $40 million to Dr. Dre, and this helps highlight the real estate pricing differences between the two areas.

What Features Will the New Mansion Have?

The Brookline Mansion is expected to have a long list of luxury amenities, including a yoga studio, five bathrooms, a wine cellar, a library and an outdoor swimming pool. In other words, the couple's new house will be well-equipped with many of the features that are highly desired in the Los Angeles real estate market. This makes sense due to the couple's last known address, but living in Massachusetts will give them a more private lifestyle.

The property is isolated from its closest neighbors, and it features many trees around the mansion to make it even more removed. Brady will also be able to enjoy the many perks of living at home during part of the football season because his team, the New England Patriots, plays home games only 40 minutes away.

In addition to the power couple's former Los Angeles mansion, they also used to have a condo on Beacon Street that they sold for $9.2 million. The condo was most likely used as a crash pad for Brady during the football season, but now he and Bundchen are planning to settle into the area that some journalists are beginning to dub "Hollywood East."

Other Celebrities in the Boston Area

Real estate in Greater Boston is extremely hot right now, and this has led many celebrities to invest in property within the area during the last few years. For example, actress Eliza Dushku, a Watertown native, purchased a two bedroom condo in Beacon Hill for $300,000 in 2013. This extremely affordable price has certainly appreciated already since that time, and this means that Dushku will be well-poised to make a nice profit if she decided to sell the condo.

Many other celebrities are known to have permanent or vacation homes throughout Massachusetts, including Harrison Ford, Carly Simon, James Taylor, David Ortiz, Jay Leno, Spike Lee, John Malkovich and Aaron Lewis of the band Staind. Many of these stars have had their real estate purchase records listed under false names in order to protect their privacy, but they can still take advantage of the positive market conditions if they decide to sell their property.

Living Like a Celebrity

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